Horrible Star Wars Cosplay [Pic]

These are most definitely NOT the droids we were looking for! If I’d be interested in finding a droid, this is the one I’d probably be searching for!



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  1. oh no… this is so disturbing in so many ways. And I'm not talking about the cosplays. Im talking about the first post on this blog for months that is lika any other mean ironic and patronizing blog. I've always loved this blog for it's sincere joy and geeky passion. And also it's humbleness and just appriciating the nerdyness. But this specific posts perhaps is a sign that this blog is going to change – and I fear it's for the worse. Sites dedicated to humiliation, patronizing and sarcasm fills the internet but I always thougt this website where diffrent. Please dont turn into grumpy nerds that hates everything and just mock other people. Keep being that light of joy and spread the love – geek love that is <3

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