Harry Potter: Facts Revealed [Infographic]

Check out this really awesome looking Harry Potter infographic by digital designer & illustrator Wayne Dorrington. Wayne is also the same guy who created that “iconoscope” version of Star Wars Episode IV we featured last month.

Harry Potter: Facts Revealed

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[Source: I should really get out more]


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  1. i like infographics but if only they spent as much time verifying their claims as they did making them look pretty…

    here is where i call bs: 'all printed books would cover brazil'. right! are you kidding me?! brazil is 3,287,597 sq mi. assuming a single book is 9.5"x6.2", it has an area of 58.9 sq in. multiply that by the 400M books printed gives you 23,560,000,000 sq in. converting to sq mi gives you ≈5.87 sq mi. not even close! to actually cover brazil, it would take 224,075,109,766,371 books.

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