FINALLY, Infinite USB Ports!

Like most gadget-loving geeks, I often find myself woefully short of valuable UBS real estate. Two ports? Who can live that way, I ask. Thankfully, designer Jiang Gonglue feels our collective pain and has developed a simple, smart solution: the InfiniteUSB.

The color-coded device is a USB plug and port in one, and Gonglue’s elegant and oh-so-obvious solution has won the International Forum Concept Award 2010. Let’s hope someone gets this bad boy into production soon.


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  1. You know that it is not quite possible to do this?
    The port will not supply enough current for some devices, especially on laptops.
    This is already seen with external drives – if you connect it to a laptop, you have to use a USB -Y cable (two plugs) to make it run.

    • The reason for this is that the usb standard works on power "units". Each unit is 100mW, and each port can deliver 5 units (tho later additions to the standard, for instance usb charging, have increased that under specific conditions) for a total of 0.5W. Note however that each device between the computer and the end device eats 1 (or more) unit from that unless it is independently powered.

  2. Hey, I remember when the USB port came in our live… The official specs tells it should be daisy chainable. The only device I've seen respecting this is the Mac Keyboard, with two USB port.
    It uses one, and give two. Good deal, isn't it ?

    • Some dell keyboards have also had 2 usb ports on them so yeah not a Mac only thing sorry. I'm sure I could probably surf the internet some and find more keyboards with them but I'm lazy so figured I'd just mention the one from personal experience.

    • Any USB device can potentially pull this off if the company is willing to add the extra expense (and the customer find enough of a value add to pay for it) of adding some USB hub hardware in there.

  3. Whoever the author of this post was clearly doesn't have knowledge of a USB hub. They've been around for a pretty long time now. Welcome to the present. You're welcome.

  4. But if every device had this feature there would be no need for a USB Hub. And a work around to the power supply issue is to have a dual plug connect to the Laptop power outlet and then plug the power cord into it. Wouldn't be useful for PCs tho since they tend to have more ports.

  5. This looks really cool so it is easy to get excited over, but when I stopped to look at how it works, I don't get it. What is at the other end of those cables?

    I have an ordinary USB hub with 4 slots. I can plug in four memory sticks if I want. How would I do that here?

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