Jog On, Thumb Cat Kitties [Video]

I’ve always thought that my cat was plotting my demise, now I know that he just lacks the opposable thumbs to make his evil dreams come true.


7 Responses to Jog On, Thumb Cat Kitties [Video]

  1. I already can't have nice things because of my cats. The thought of them having opposable thumbs? Makes me shudder. It'd be like having furry 2 years olds who never grow up, spending more of their lives learning how to create more mischief. D:

  2. just so everyone knows- don't give milk to your cats.. it can cause serious digestive problems and leave you dealing with diarrhea and cat vomit for days. While a little bit is okay and probably won't hurt them, goat's milk is milder and easier for them- although there's no reason to give them milk as adults.. like most mammals once they're passed weaning age they lack the enzymes necessary to digest the milk.

    aaaand on another note: cats with thumbs! sooo cute!

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