Meteorite Wedding Bands

Back in my day, we had gold and white gold, and platinum if we were lucky. (We also walked to school uphill both ways.) These days, getting hitched can be decidedly more geeky, which translates into “decidedly more OMGWTFYES. Moar of that, thx.”

Etsy dealer jewelrybyjohan is elevating the diamond band of old to new heights. (Insert “out of this world” joke here.) Available with Gibeon or Muonionalusta inlays, the rings aren’t cheap, but they certainly are impressive.

Shown: Muonionalusta Meteorite Inlay Set in White Gold

Look at the Widmanstatten pattern! Be still my geeky heart. These are fab.

If you’re not looking to get married, don’t despair–inlays and interchangeable band versions are available for tables of one, too.

Shown: 5mm Gibeon Meteorite Inlay in Titanium

Shown: 4mm Meteorite and Box Elder Inlay in Titanium

Check out the entire Meteorite Ring series in jewelrybyjohan’s shop.

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