Amazing StarCraft Ghost Cosplay

Check out this amazing StarCraft Ghost costume worn back in October 2010 at Blizzcon by a fan of the game. Not only is the outfit just perfect, but the lady wearing looks just as hot as the costume. Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures


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    • Those horrible contact lenses are popular out here in Asia. I hate seeing woman with them as their eyes look so false. Their natural brown/black eyes are far more appealing and beautiful to look at.

      • Irrespective of fashion trends in Asia, these contacts are part of the costume. I happen to like them and the otherworldliness they suggest (nobody is pretending they're anything but false), but hey – it's all down to personal opinion anyway.

  1. Awesome that they put Nova in StarCraft 2, which begs to question, are they still going to do Ghost? or is it just gone?

  2. She defintiely looks great on that costume! I wonder how much did she spend for that costume. hmm. She really looks great on it. It fits really great on her curves. lol

  3. Pic of professional actress hired by some merchant at blizzcon 2010 about half a year ago… someone's quick on noticing stuff :p. In the background you can clearly see the people inside anaheim convention center queueing up for security checks, I should know, I was there :p. Even remember there being talk of her specifically on forums as ineligible for the blizzcon best outfit contest since she worked for one of the companies that held shop there…

  4. She was on X-Play for their Birthday party for Blizzard show. along with another girl who won the costuming contest, who had a boy friend who is a designer for Blizzard, so he designed her customer armor for WoW, since he works on WoW, and her being a relatively attractive girl she won.

    Trust me, I have worn fan costumes that are nothing to sneeze at, this one isn't all that complicated, and the rifle is made out of a NERF Longstrike.

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