WANT: Thorn Dice Set with Decader

Wow. Just Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen dice that made me go: “OMG, I want these so bad.” If I’d still have the time to play tabletop RPGs, I’d probably jump over a set right away, even though they’re a bit expensive in the finish I’m interested in. [Thorn Dice Set with Decader] […]


Awesome Cartoon Song Mashup Features Youtube’s Biggest Geeks [Video]

An awesome mashup by Jason Munday of three of the most popular cartoon theme songs of all time: TMNT, Duck Tales, and Pokemon. The video also features Youtube superstars Alex Carpenter, and Jimmy Wong. [Via]

Awesome Shirt: Body or Brains?

Xenomorphs want you for your body, zombies want you for your brains, and geeks will want you for this t-shirt. [Get it @ Splitreason.com – 10% off with promo code geeksaresexy]

Awesome Angry Birds-Themed Movie Posters [Pics]

Check out these awesome Angry Birds-themed movie posters by Flickr user Zero-lives. Alfred Hitchcock’s “Angry Birds”: It’s a bad day to wear green. Dive Angry (Drive Angry parody): They stole his children, he’ll steal their lives! [Source: Flickr – Zero Lives]

Copyrighting the Melody Of Pi [Video]

In the following video, Youtube user Vihart makes a case (and she does it very creatively I must admit!) against a guy who copyrighted a song based on the number Pi. [Via Reddit]

Please Punish Me: Lady Punisher Cosplay [Pic]

Now that’s… ummm… a very convincing punisher outfit, don’t you think? [Source: Jeff Zoet Photography]

OMG: Hawken (Mech Combat FPS) Gameplay Video

A few weeks back, we introduced you guys to Hawken, an upcoming Mech Combat FPS game from indie game studio Adhesive Games. Well geeks, Adhesive Games has just released a new video showing how the game will actually look like while you’re playing, and after watching it, I must say I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 68% Off Family Guy (Season 1 to 8) – $12.99 Per Season

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has all 8 seasons of Family Guy for only $12.99 each. That’s 68% Off each season’s regular retail price of $39.98. The dysfunctional Griffins of Quahog, Rhode Island, invite comparisons to The Simpsons. The testicular-chinned father, Peter Griffin, is a clueless oaf in the Homer mold. […]