Monday Morning Links Serving: The February 28th Edition

The Late Movies: Machine Music
One subject I come back to again and again is unusual musical instruments. Besides instruments you rarely encounter, people use everyday objects to make music. We also use natural resources to produce melodies.

Kite-Powered Electric Car Crosses Australia Using Only $15 Worth of Electricity
The Wind Explorer–a kite-assisted lightweight electric car–drove 3,107 miles across Australia in 18 days using only $15 worth of electricity.

Microchip Spots Cancerous Tumors Within an Hour, Study Shows
Scientists say they have developed a microchip that can be attached to a smart phone and diagnose cancerous tumors within an hour, from the patient’s bedside.

How your smartphone’s GPS can get out of a speeding ticket
We’ve all have that friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who fought the law over an erroneous speeding ticket, but do you know anyone who’s put their smartphone on the stand to prove their innocence? Well, you do now.

Apple’s Next iPad May Be Hard to Resist
My beloved Apple iPad just heard the news: Apple’s holding a special event on March 2. The invite doesn’t say “New iPad”, but the imagery is clear: a calendar page is peeling back to reveal an iPad.

Can anyone afford an IBM Watson supercomputer? (Yes)
IBM hopes hospitals become the first to take advantage of the technology that beat Jeopardy’s top players.


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