The Most Awesome Super Mario Bros. Tattoo of All Time [Picture]


Sorry geeks, I haven’t found a version with a higher resolution, but by the look of it, this could quite possibly be the most awesome-looking Super Mario Bros. Tattoo of all time!



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    • I'm pretty sure that where this guy got his tattoo, it was a first class type of place. Chances of a really good tattoo artist spreading hepatitis seems pretty small. (It's the ones that don't sterilize their equipment that you'd have that kind of problem with.)

      I'm not sure if this is really disfiguring, per say. I mean, piercings I can see as disfiguring, but not tattoos. They're simply permanently inking a picture onto your skin.

      I do not have tattoos or piercings, so I'm not defending them out of some desperate need for self-justification. :)

      • Well said, Nicole. I have ink. I love my ink, and there is absolutely no chance of getting Hepititus, my tattoo artists know what they are doing, and the place is absolutely spotless, with everything cleaned down between clients, and new needles each time. The art displayed here demonstrates several hours (and probably several visits), to get a tattoo that large, you are talking a major commitment, physical, emotional, financial. It is not entered into lightly, if this guy loves Mario that much that is dedication. Every single one of my tattoos means something deeply personal to me, they represent a commitment on every level and they did not come cheap. Unless you have actual experience Mr Hawk, it usually pays to say nothing.

  1. I'm not personally into tattoos and I'm not sure if I think it's cool that he got a Mario tattoo.

    But that is some first-class tattoo art right there. I mean, WOW, beautiful! (I've seen some terrible tattoo art too so it's a relief to see something this well done.)

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