Beauty, Brains and Badassery: The Sexiest Geek Girls Alive

Here at Geeks are Sexy, we pride ourselves on knowing what constitutes a genuine sexy geek girl. After many long hours of strenuous research and careful scientific analysis, we’ve developed a complex method to determine whether a girl is actually a sexy geek. First, we determine if she does geek stuff (science, technology, gaming, etc.). Second, we determine if she’s super hot. And… that’s pretty much it.

So, without further ado, (you might want to dim the lights and ask your significant other to leave the room) here are some of the most stunning goddesses of geekdom…

Felicia Day (@Feliciaday)

Web television’s crown princess, Felicia Day is the star, writer and producer of popular series “The Guild,” the idea for which sprung from her passion for video games and later inspired a collaboration with geek BAMF Joss Whedon in his “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” She also has a degree in mathematics and is a professional-level violinist. If the word ‘geekgasm’ were in the dictionary, her picture would be next to it.

Rosario Dawson (@rosariodawson)

You may know Rosario Dawson from movies such as “Sin City” and “Men in Black 2,” but her geek-cred goes way beyond just acting. She created the comic book “Occult Crimes Taskforce” and is a self-proclaimed Star Trek nerd able to spout broken Klingon. (Note to self: Learn Klingon mating call.)

Dr. Kristen ‘Kiki’ Sanford (@drkiki)

Host of the popular podcast “This Week in Science,” Dr. Kiki Sanford holds a PhD in Physiology (with an emphasis in neurophysiology) and a black belt in tae-kwon-do. Which means, she can kick ass both mentally and physically. And yes, we’re totally into that sort of thing.

Danica McKellar (@danicamckellar)

Oh Winnie Cooper, how you’ve grown since “The Wonder Years.” After filling out, Danica McKellar filled her time with books. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in mathematics and wrote two New York Times bestsellers, “Math Doesn’t Suck” and “Kiss My Math.” I’m pretty sure we’d kiss just about anything she asked us to.

Jolie O’Dell (@jolieodell)

Jolie O’Dell is a technology journalist for Mashable who can actually code. She’s also one of the nicest and friendliest heart-melting geeks on the web, as evident in her many interviews and web videos. She’s the hot Mary Jane, girl-next-door you always picture saving when donning your Spider-Man pajamas.

Jessica Chobot (@Jessica_Chobot)

With just one lick, Jessica Chobot achieved geek saintdom. In 2005, after notoriously giving the luckiest Sony PSP on the planet a tongue bath, Jessica went on to host IGN’s Weekly Show and has made multiple appearances on G4’s “Filter” and “Attack of the Show.” When she’s not demonstrating her love for videogames, she indulges her obsession for Japanese anime and manga.

Kari Byron

As “Mythbusters” resident hottie, Kari Byron displays brains for scientific deduction along with a few other assets. Kari also has her own show on the Science Channel appropriately titled “Head Rush.” (Insert crude joke here.)

Mila Kunis

When not appearing on screen or voicing Meg Griffin on “Family Guy,” you just might bump into Mila in the MMORPG “World of Warcraft.” Although she describes herself as a ‘computer nerd’, she doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account. So, I guess you’ll just have to stalk her the old fashioned way.

Veronica Belmont (@Veronica)

There isn’t a geek gadget that this smokin’ smartypants can’t sell. When famous blogger Veronica Belmont sings her siren song of tech, all the nerd boys come running. We’ll take two of everything, please.

Morgan Webb (@MorganWebb)

A console dominatrix, Morgan Webb commands respect in the gaming community as the knowledgeable host of G4’s “X-Play” and with her many appearances on just about every tech show and at every convention out there. Shhhh, Morgan… you had us at ‘pwned’.

Compiling a list like this is a difficult task. It’s hard to stay focused with so many distracting visuals. No doubt, we’ve probably overlooked a few of your favorites. So when you’re done drooling over your keyboard, feel free to let us know what gorgeous geek you’d add to the list.

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