Ouch: Darth Vader Full Back Tattoo

Most impressive, but ouch, getting something like that etched on your back must be a long and painful process.

[Via Calcanis]


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  1. Pain produces endorphins, that's why some people can get addicted to tattooing or body modification (and self harming), they're basically getting the same kind of high as from opiates.

  2. Yes, in the broad strokes this is true, but the vague implication that tattooing is self-harming is actually quite offensive, it is a form of self-expression. I freely admit that I enjoy being tattooed, which isn't masochism, but simply I want the piece of art on my skin and it has personal resonance to me. I have a higher pain threshold than some. Since there is considerable evidence that opium kills, and destroys lives, I cannot see the link here either. One is an illegal substance, the other is a perfectly legal procedure for consenting adults.

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