Amazon Deal of the Day: 61% + Off Inception – Blu-ray ($13.99) or DVD ($8.99)

In case you didn’t get Inception the last time Amazon had it on sale, the site has an even better deal on the movie now. I’m not sure on how long it’ll last, but the DVD version of the movie is now priced at $8.99, and the Blu-ray edition is at only $13.99.

Science-fiction features often involve time travel or strange worlds. In Christopher Nolan’s heist thriller Inception, the concepts converge through the realm of dreams. With his trusty associate, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a fine foil), Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio, in a role that recalls Shutter Island) steals ideas for clients from the minds of competitors. Fallen on hard times, he’s become estranged from his family and hopes one last extraction will set things right.

Inception (Two-Disc Edition) [Blu-ray]$35.99 $13.99 (61% Off)

Inception [DVD]$28.98 $8.99 (69% Off)


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