Happy Valentine’s Day: Sexy Geek Guys Just for You

By popular demand and just in time for Valentine’s Day, an unordered list of sexy male geeks. History buffs, comic book collectors, gamers, scientists and tech junkies–hot, smart men = double-swoon.

I didn’t trust my own judgement here, so I asked Twitter and Facebook to help me out. Below, you’ll find the guys who received the most overwhelming support from fans of geeky men.

You’re welcome, everyone. You’re welcome.

Nathan Fillion (@NathanFillion)

Captain Tightpants is a self-proclaimed geek. It’s true! Fillion says, “…the truth is I’m a dork,” and, “my sense of humor is that of a geek. My likes and dislikes are that of a geek. I’ve memorized every crappy sci-fi movie there is…” He also collected comic books as a kid and co-founded Kids Need to Read, an organization for inspiring children to read by improving the libraries of underfunded schools. I’m just gonna be honest: having Captain Hammer head up any organization would get my support. (He also got the most requests of all the guys on this list.)

Josh Bernstein (@JOSHBERNSTEIN)

He climbs mountains and explores ruins, spelunks and SCUBA dives. He holds two degrees (BA Anthropology and Psychology) from Cornell University, and he’s a photographer, author, all-around expert survivalist, a fount of historical and cultural knowledge, and probably the sexiest Indiana Jones-type since Indy himself. The former host of The History Channel’s Digging for the Truth can be found on Discovery’s Into the Unknown, unearthing history and geeking out on ancient technology, texts and civilizations—and lookin’ crazy hot the whole time.

Vin Diesel

This was an unexpected find, but hey, geeks come in infinite variety. Aside from voicing the Iron Giant and starring in—then developing the game for—The Chronicles of Riddick, it turns out that Mr. Diesel is a hardcore Dungeons & Dragons player. He played for 24 years, according to an interview with Conan O’Brien, and founded Tigon Studios, a video game production company that specializes in, um, Vin Diesel games.

Jim Parsons

When asked about his geeky tendencies, Sheldon Cooper says, “I like words, and I like numbers. I like crossword puzzles a lot. I like to deal with lists and rankings and statistics.” But he’s no theoretical physicist—the Houston native is a sports fan with a love of sitcoms and theater. Personally, I’d file the Big Bang Theory star under “adorable”.

Chris Hardwick (@nerdist)

Some of us remember him from MTV’s Singled Out, but he’s better known these days as twitter’s @nerdist, the Attack of the Show host, comedian and Wired writer. Hardwick is an all-out tech fanatic, and according to 36% of responses to my call for sexy geeks on Twitter, the hottest real-life geek on TV.

Terrence Howard

Um, what? you ask. Yeah, I know. Hustle & Flow’s Djay is something of a genius with a degree in Chemical Engineering and (reportedly) plans for a doctorate in Physics. That’s geeky enough to be included on this list.

Dylan Bruno

The Numb3rs star has a degree in Environmental Engineering from MIT, and of course Colby Granger was no brain slacker. (I know he was a spy, but look at those arms. Sigh.)

David Tennant

What list of male geeks is complete without the Tenth Doctor? Though this Time Lord is not much of a geek in real life (aside from being very conscientious of his carbon footprint, which earned him the Playhouse Disney Players for the Planet “Greenest Star Award” in 2008), Tennant is a go-to for those who love geeky guys.

There’s no way to include all the hot, nerdy guys we love in one post. Who is conspicuously absent? And who should I feature in future posts?