Happy Valentine’s Day: Sexy Geek Guys Just for You

By popular demand and just in time for Valentine’s Day, an unordered list of sexy male geeks. History buffs, comic book collectors, gamers, scientists and tech junkies–hot, smart men = double-swoon.

I didn’t trust my own judgement here, so I asked Twitter and Facebook to help me out. Below, you’ll find the guys who received the most overwhelming support from fans of geeky men.

You’re welcome, everyone. You’re welcome.

Nathan Fillion (@NathanFillion)

Captain Tightpants is a self-proclaimed geek. It’s true! Fillion says, “…the truth is I’m a dork,” and, “my sense of humor is that of a geek. My likes and dislikes are that of a geek. I’ve memorized every crappy sci-fi movie there is…” He also collected comic books as a kid and co-founded Kids Need to Read, an organization for inspiring children to read by improving the libraries of underfunded schools. I’m just gonna be honest: having Captain Hammer head up any organization would get my support. (He also got the most requests of all the guys on this list.)

Josh Bernstein (@JOSHBERNSTEIN)

He climbs mountains and explores ruins, spelunks and SCUBA dives. He holds two degrees (BA Anthropology and Psychology) from Cornell University, and he’s a photographer, author, all-around expert survivalist, a fount of historical and cultural knowledge, and probably the sexiest Indiana Jones-type since Indy himself. The former host of The History Channel’s Digging for the Truth can be found on Discovery’s Into the Unknown, unearthing history and geeking out on ancient technology, texts and civilizations—and lookin’ crazy hot the whole time.

Vin Diesel

This was an unexpected find, but hey, geeks come in infinite variety. Aside from voicing the Iron Giant and starring in—then developing the game for—The Chronicles of Riddick, it turns out that Mr. Diesel is a hardcore Dungeons & Dragons player. He played for 24 years, according to an interview with Conan O’Brien, and founded Tigon Studios, a video game production company that specializes in, um, Vin Diesel games.

Jim Parsons

When asked about his geeky tendencies, Sheldon Cooper says, “I like words, and I like numbers. I like crossword puzzles a lot. I like to deal with lists and rankings and statistics.” But he’s no theoretical physicist—the Houston native is a sports fan with a love of sitcoms and theater. Personally, I’d file the Big Bang Theory star under “adorable”.

Chris Hardwick (@nerdist)

Some of us remember him from MTV’s Singled Out, but he’s better known these days as twitter’s @nerdist, the Attack of the Show host, comedian and Wired writer. Hardwick is an all-out tech fanatic, and according to 36% of responses to my call for sexy geeks on Twitter, the hottest real-life geek on TV.

Terrence Howard

Um, what? you ask. Yeah, I know. Hustle & Flow’s Djay is something of a genius with a degree in Chemical Engineering and (reportedly) plans for a doctorate in Physics. That’s geeky enough to be included on this list.

Dylan Bruno

The Numb3rs star has a degree in Environmental Engineering from MIT, and of course Colby Granger was no brain slacker. (I know he was a spy, but look at those arms. Sigh.)

David Tennant

What list of male geeks is complete without the Tenth Doctor? Though this Time Lord is not much of a geek in real life (aside from being very conscientious of his carbon footprint, which earned him the Playhouse Disney Players for the Planet “Greenest Star Award” in 2008), Tennant is a go-to for those who love geeky guys.

There’s no way to include all the hot, nerdy guys we love in one post. Who is conspicuously absent? And who should I feature in future posts?


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  1. The only two (off hand) that I can think of that totally should have been on the list are Wil Wheaton (@wilw) & Neil Grayston (@neilgrayston). Totally hot, absolutely geeky, and two of the only men I'd run away with LOL

    • He also, according to popular story, got Dame Judy Dench to play DnD with him on the set of Chronicles of Riddick. It was right around the time that the actors were out promoting the movie that I thought his DnD playing had gone into mainstream knowledge…

  2. That's a pretty heteronormative opening paragraph. Sexy geek guys are not just for women; take it from a guy who's married to a sexy geek guy.

    • Oh relaaax, who cares if gay guys weren't explicitly mentioned. This is a geek site, the acceptance of lgbt people is implied, no need to get in a huff about it.
      Don't get me wrong, I noticed too, just don't let it bother you I guess..

      • Please. If you thought that was a huff (as opposed to a simple observation) you know *nothing* about gay men. Noticing is not the same as huffing. I'm also not expecting explicit mention of gay men, just a less gender-specific notion of attraction, e.g., "For those of you who think geeky guys are sexy…" Not, "For all you ladies and gay dudes…" The second would be just as limiting.

        And, just to be clear, geek does not automatically equal accepting, though it may seem like it, sometimes. Take it from a geek who has experienced work-place ugliness about my sexuality from other geeks, when they didn't realize I was queer. Heck, ask anyone who plays an MMORPG.

        • I'm happy to report that on our SW:TOR server, the number of people calling the gay-basher an asshat greatly outnumbers the number of gay-bashing asshats. So hopefully the MMORPG landscape is improving.

  3. And, I have to say – there's something really hot about Matt Mullenweg! When I saw him at WordCamp a couple years ago, I didn't quite realize it until he started talking. He was cute and all when I first saw him, but when he started talking, there's just something about his mannerisms, his speech, that really draws me in.

  4. I personally think Neil Gaiman @neilhimself is a hot geek. Writing some of the best books, in my opinion, out there. Who wouldnt love to ruffle that mess of hair and hear his British Accent while he recites from American Gods or Neverwhere?

  5. Why don't I see Mr Neil Gaiman here? He works out with his wii and writes THE best comic this century, and he's not here?

  6. David Tennant himself is totally a classic series Doctor Who geek … word on the street has it he got into acting with the specific intention of playing the Doctor.

    Also, Stephen Colbert needs to be on this list. :D

  7. Not trying to sound like a broken record, but making sure enough votes are out there:

    Neil Patrick Harris
    Seth Green *swoon*
    Seth Meyers

    Then I'm one happy geek gal.

  8. Wil Wheaton seems to have been mentioned a lot, and he so belongs on this list.
    I don't know about the hotness, but David Hewlett is as geeky as they come, and great fun to follow on Twitter. I think he's cute, but I'm a lesbian so what do I know…

  9. Really, really late comment, but I must point out that David Tennant's geeky nature lays entirely in Doctor Who.
    He was such a fan as a kid, he became an actor just so he could be the Doctor.

  10. Matthew Gray Gubler, definitely falls in this category. Aldis Hodge (Leverage), Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13) and Robert Downey Jr. would make appropriate additions to the list. And how is there NOT a single Star Wars actor included in the list? Or Xmen? Or Avengers? Well, I guess the latter is more A-List, less geek?

  11. Wil Wheaton is not only sexy and geeky, he is a Super Nice Guy and an amazing father (which is the sexiest thing about him). He should totally be here.

  12. I must agree with the Johnny Galecki vote. I don't get all the swooning over Jim Parsons–yeah, he's cute, but meh. I watch the show for Leonard.

  13. I'm rather surprised that Zachary Quinto isn't up here, or even George Takei, both of which are far sexier than any of the above. Plus they bat for my team XD

  14. I am suprised you don't have Robin Williams, He named his daughter Zelda for crying out loud! He makes a great adorable dad.

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