Snake Eyes Wannabe Practicing Sword Skills

Ninjas usually like to blow up candles with their swords, but this guy isn’t there yet, so he does it with gallons of milk and 2-liter soda bottles instead. Embarrassment much?

[Via Geekologie]


17 Responses to Snake Eyes Wannabe Practicing Sword Skills

    • The Band is Die Antwoord. They are from South Africa. The song is Called Enter the Ninja. Not my style of music in general, but these guys are awesome. :P

  1. No form. No technique. And the guy can't hit a target with a bow and he's less than 10 feet from the target and the arrow bounces off the target. Tard doesn't even begin to describe this guy. The only good points to this vid are the music and the point when it's over.

    • I was watching the arrows part, and noticed that the draw length varied (noticing how much arrow shaft remained in front of the bow); I don't think that he drew this compound out to full length, so the eccentric pulleys didn't even come into play.

      He gets points from me for having the guts (yes, we may see them soon if he misses) to post this for the world to critique; I think I'd keep my skills to myself.

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