EPIC Facebook Discussion Thread: When Chemists Die… We Barium


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  1. I saw your guys' actinide thought I'd ask you…are you guys antimony or is there a reason you didn't bring up gold?

    This bromine thinks he's the manganese all like "gimme some of europium". I was like all I got is this erbium my jean pocket, my buddy's like " i got hafnium a dubnium in my..umm..in my…up in my…rhenium". I was like" ew that's gross"." I was like I might have some oxygen-erally I limit myself to one a day. I'm hungry i think Iodine with my mother and father tonight, she's a great cook. Driver's like "Tellurium I said 'hi'" then he says "do you think we should take arsenic route or the fast one? we decided on the former, but the driver started to go way too phosphorus so I told him to slow down or we might get pulled over by a copper, cause you know even if you don't do anything illegal they're always just ready to get their radon. Just then the driver saw our buddy and he's like "hey look, it's calcium by the trees on the side of the rhodium, he's um right by the tree, xenon? Cesium? wait did I just call you "Non"? your name's not Non lol, what's uranium?" We pulled over and the driver's like "move over guys lutetium to the car" I was like "jesus dude don't throw a temper tantalum. We got home for my mom's feast, the naan was good and my buddy kept asking for more and mercury. We finished the dinner and chatting and my mom asked us to wash our dishes already in the zinc, and I said "there are no dishes" my dad's reply was "oh i forgot molybdenum while we were chatting in the living room"

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