LG + 4G + (2 x 5MP) =3D G-Slate

LG + 4G + (2 x 5MP) =3D G-Slate

T-Mobile and LG are releasing what’s almost the ultimate in futuristic tablet devices, complete with 3D video recording. Almost, that is, because there’s a very old-school catch.

The G-Slate comes with a total of three cameras: one on the front for video chatting and two on the back. These are 5-megapixel affairs and can either record two-dimension video at a full 1080 HD resolution or, if you don’t mind an unspecified lower resolution, can record 3D video.

And the catch? To see the 3D effect, you’ll need a pair of red-and-blue glasses. Yep, the very same ones you used to get free inside a cereal box.

Of course, this does mean the glasses will be cheap and relatively easy to get of hold of or replace (one pair comes free with the device.) But if you were thinking of buying this to be *the* coolest cat in the coffee shop, forget it.

The recordings can also be viewed on a PC after transferring the data file, or on a TV via an HDMI port. It appears these methods will also require the glasses.

So why’s the device exclusive to T-Mobile? Well, that’s because it’s compatible with 4G mobile broadband. The network hasn’t yet announced pricing (the device is set for a spring release), though the chances are it’ll be a low price if you sign up to 4G coverage.

The network also flat-out promises streaming live TV will work smoothly on the 4G connection. The device has a dual-core processor and runs Android 3.0 (aka Honeycomb), so it should be able to cope with heavy-duty video handling.


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  1. I think they're headed in the right direction, but they need to go with polarized glasses or stroboscopic at 240Hz, like mainstream tv. Of course the screen tech and battery life are still a LOT behind for that, but…. als, a step in the right direction. Cisco is killing it with HD and 5.1 sound conferencing. 3D is the next reasonable step forward. I winder if the content recorded from both cameras can later be used with a normal-sized PC or TV to have a normal 3D experience, not red/blue…

  2. Those lights are so distracting! They also need to take a tip from apple on how to make a good advertisement, I'm too ADD to watch this whole thing especially with the annoying music.

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