The Worst English Course Of All time



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  1. if that bitch who wrote that tragedy gets money for twilight then Dr Seuss deserves the title "greatest writer of all time" just saying

  2. this is actually ptobably just to show you how NOT to write…. the book is full of horrible grammar, misspellings, run on sentences… just awful reading.

      • Thank goodness I didn't buy this book. I borrowed it and so now only have to lament the lost hours of my life spent reading it but I don't have to kick myself for giving such a terrible writer money!

  3. Agreed.
    I'm doing my A Levels (16-18) and we started with Othello and a novel by a Nigerian guy for fiction work. Yet these university students are reading this 'book' for their Honors degree. Utter bullcrap…

    • I just finished Othello in my Shakespeare course. Thankfully where I am, good literature isn't dead. I have yet to read a very modern book such as Twilight in my 3 years of University. I'm thankful for this. :)

  4. WTF are the teaching in that English class, How NOT to write English?I had borrowed that piece of junk from a friend and I couldn't bare reading past half the book. OH wow I just realized why is the movie so equally idiotic as the writing… sad for the plot though since it has some sort of substance but the writing EWW!

  5. Well, we are clearly not the target audience. I am sure our negative comments keep Stephanie Meyers awake at night while she rolls around on her GIGANTIC piles of money. It's clearly not a great "English" text and probably is an example of what not to do where literature is concerned, but may serve as an example to those who just want to make tons of money writing popular fiction. (Hint: the key is to write to 'tweens – they read and their parents have money.)

  6. Welcome to the American education system, where a college professor can use one of the greatest arguments FOR book burning as a required reading piece.

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