Real Life Buster Sword (From Final Fantasy VII)

Remember the Buster Sword, that ridiculously-sized weapon from Final Fantasy VII? Well, youtuber michaelcthulu actually crafted a real one and shows us on film how wielding something like this in reality might not be the best of ideas. Check it out.

[Via Geekosystem | Neatorama]


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  1. Ok I can understand why they had some trouble trying to wield it. The thing is they were trying to go on almost strictly arm strength to swing it and that just doesn't work with that large of a blade. It's all about core strength.

  2. Buster Sword? That looks more like fenrir since it has the lines showing that it can be dismantled into smaller blades. The Buster Sword could not be dismantled into smaller blades.

  3. That is definitely one big sword to use in a battle! Now, I now that there is a fat line between fantasy and reality. Or should I say fat line between final fantasy and reality. LOL

  4. Ok 1st Get someone with muscle AND SKills and form with sword 2 the sword handle is to long 3 the blade is way to big the sword and blade was as big as cloud yes but not that big it was made (in the original game) it was a PERFECT size form him I train often with swords not the little japanesse ones i use big ass ones like Dantes and Frostmourne so give me that sword and ill show you how its done you f*cking panseys

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