Paper Airplanes Launched from Edge of Space

Apparently, no longer content with just tossing them from the back of the classroom, a team of amateur scientists with an origami fetish decided to make it rain paper airplanes from over 36,000m up.

The Paper Space Planes team, led by Joel Veitch, a British web animator, launched a weather balloon carrying 200 of the planes from a barn near Wolfsburg, Germany. A video camera attached to the balloon captured the space litter being dumped in the upper atmosphere at about 36,700m. The balloon burst at about 37,300m and fell back to earth just 40 minutes later. The team then recovered the balloon over 300km away from the launch site.

Samsung, not missing the opportunity for a publicity stunt, provided SD cards to be attached to each plane to prove the toughness of their memory cards. So, if you need a new SD card (particularly the kind that’s been to the edge of space), heads up! One just might fly into your lap.

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