Welcome to Hothlanta

You may have heard about the winter weather making things difficult for the southern United States right now – but with everyone snowed in and missing work, they have lots of time for social media, and the best Twitter search to find complaints about the snow in Georgia isn’t “snowpocalypse” or even “snOMG” but rather “Hothlanta” (a play on the city’s usual silly nickname “Hotlanta”). Maybe it’s appropriate since Dragon Con is in Atlanta, but it seems there’s quite a geek contingent!

We recently noted that people really like to take pictures of Star Wars action figures in the snow, and so it’s not surprising that some enterprising (and probably bored) Atlanta geeks have taken advantage of the nickname with photoshoots or even video.

At the very least, the nickname is getting a smattering of news coverage, so maybe it’s raising Star Wars awareness.

[Image Source: iReport]

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