Crashed AT-AT Snow Fort [Pic]

I know I know the scale is incorrect, but I wanted to be able to climb inside the head and I would have needed heavy machinery to get enough snow to get the body tall enough. I actually measured out my son’s big toy AT-AT to get the different parts to the right ratio, but then that all went out the window when I actually started building it in the yard. At least you can crawl into the head (from the back side), through the neck and up a deck on the body. and then slide down it’s ass. [Source]

[Via NerdApproved]


3 Responses to Crashed AT-AT Snow Fort [Pic]

  1. I love it how the guy bashes himself for not making it scale, instead of realizing what an epic WIN he has accomplished…i mean come one you can climb in it's HEAD?!?!?!?!