Bohemian Rhapsody For Four Violins [Video]

This inspiring rendition of Queen’s head bangingly awesome anthem was performed by Joe Edmonds, enjoy!


9 Responses to Bohemian Rhapsody For Four Violins [Video]

  1. Pretty cool! And very well played :) He's cheated a bit though – it's not possible to play those lowest notes on a violin (no, not even if you tune the G string down!) – that's the reason most ensembles don't consist of only violins… He should have hired a cellist! ;-)

  2. Exellent, but I agree with the comment about the lowest notes. Nonetheless I'd be very interested to get the scoring for this arrangement, this is something I'd love to try playing myself.

  3. did anyone else see where the two maps come together in the middle and think it looked like yoshi