Why I don’t Play Video Games as Much Anymore [Pic]



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  1. Yup. :B That's why the game I play most often right now is TF2. Sure you have to consider which class you want to be, but other than that it's fairly simple. "Shoot the other colored team and go here to win".

    Even Call of Duty games are more complex than that.

  2. There is a big difference between having to buy a video game and actually playing it.
    I'm not suggesting anything, of course.

    • It's not JUST MMOs, the MMO was an example. Sims 3 did this, it's not an MMO. DA2 did this, it's not an MMO. etc…

  3. Yeah, 'cause playing split screen FPS games is so much fun! And every video games has a membership plan. And multiple expansions that require you to upgrade your hardware. I'm gonna nearly quit playing, too. Since I bought my first PC in 1986, PC gaming has cost me more and more each year, I now have 8 jobs just to pay for the hardware upgrades not to mention the other 2 dozen jobs to pay for all those membership fees and headsets!!

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