Oops: Didn’t Happen [Pic]

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  1. My dad and I were just talking about this.

    As a parallel, in Back to the Future, The Doc is talking to Marty about going 25 years into the future.

    In 1985.

  2. I really wish they hadn't made this movie. It was a pretty good movie on its own but by no means comparable to 2001 either in vision, or in depth.
    I think at some points in the film Roy Scheider is seen using a huge clunky portable computer on the beach, and an audio cassette player.
    Terrible way to attempt to continuing the story of an epic masterpiece.

    • So because a better film of a similar vein was made, another film you admit was good shouldn't be made?

      Some Like It Hot is considered to be one of the best cross-dressing movies ever made, yet The Birdcage is still held in high regard. There is lots of space on the DVD shop's shelves..

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