Sexy Geeks, Behold: My Very Own Lil’ Stormtrooper [Pics]

So, I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but the posting frequency has gone down a bit on the site for the past few days. You see, I’ve been away from Geeks are Sexy since Saturday morning to finish something very important that I’ve started a long, long time ago (9 months), in a galaxy […]


Book Review: Across the Universe

In a sea of vampires and wizards, sometimes it’s hard to find the “science fiction” in the genre of YA (young adult) fantasy and science fiction. But for someone whose first real love affair with a book came in the form of Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, I have a soft spot in YA […]

Most teachers lukewarm at best on evolution

Two political science professors claim a strong majority of US biology teachers either don’t advocate the theory of evolution, or flat out promote either creationism or intelligent design. The research came from Michael Berkman and Eric Plutzer of Penn State. They looked through the results of a wider survey of 926 biology teachers in public […]

What is “Internet” anyway?

This video popped up on YouTube last month, but has been making the blog rounds in the past few days. It’s a clip from a 1994 episode of The Today Show, featuring Brian Gumbel trying his best to wrap his head around this “Internet” thing (and that weird little @ symbol). “What, do you write […]

Paper Airplanes Launched from Edge of Space

Apparently, no longer content with just tossing them from the back of the classroom, a team of amateur scientists with an origami fetish decided to make it rain paper airplanes from over 36,000m up. The Paper Space Planes team, led by Joel Veitch, a British web animator, launched a weather balloon carrying 200 of the […]

Crime Cops

Comedian KassemG and sketch-comedy troupe Good Neighbors poke seriously geeky fun at all the pseudo-technology Hollyweird is deploying these days. Take THAT CSI!

How To…? 6 Nifty Rube Goldberg Machines

A Rube Goldberg machine is, of course, a machine engineered to perform a simple task in a very (or very, very, very) complicated way. I’m not sure I would recommend any of these “how to” videos for efficiency’s sake, but they sure are fun to watch. How to Unroll Toilet Paper: How to Creme an […]

So a geek walks into a bar… Science Jokes! [Picture]

Though not a science joke, my favorite bar humor is this bit of music geekery: Three notes walk into a bar – a G, an E flat, and a C. The bartender looks up and says “We don’t serve minors.” So the E flat leaves and the other two have a fifth between them. What’s […]