Best Video Game of 2010?

It’s almost time for the new year, which means that media is saturated with “best of the year” for pretty much anything you can think of. Though rather than giving you yet another list, we’re wondering what your pick is for the best video game of 2010. You probably haven’t played all of them, but you’ve played some – so what was the new game that came out this past year that you haven’t been able to put down?

It is worth noting that, Gamespot, and CNET all agree that the game of the year was Red Dead Redemption.  What do you think – is the praise warranted?

Of course, when it comes to sales, the winner of 2010 might just be World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which now holds the record for fastest selling PC game ever – 3.3 million in the first 24 hours of release.

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