Best Video Game of 2010?

It’s almost time for the new year, which means that media is saturated with “best of the year” for pretty much anything you can think of. Though rather than giving you yet another list, we’re wondering what your pick is for the best video game of 2010. You probably haven’t played all of them, but you’ve played some – so what was the new game that came out this past year that you haven’t been able to put down?

It is worth noting that, Gamespot, and CNET all agree that the game of the year was Red Dead Redemption.  What do you think – is the praise warranted?

Of course, when it comes to sales, the winner of 2010 might just be World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which now holds the record for fastest selling PC game ever – 3.3 million in the first 24 hours of release.


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  1. My favourite games of 2010? Fable III, Fallout New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, Just Cause 2… I got Red Dead. I don't think it deserves all the praise, but it was good. Certainly a change from Grand Theft Auto. Not much though.

    • O.M.G. Thank you for pointing me out that Golden Sun sequel-sequel :-D
      I already began to believe that Golden Sun (de facto) 3 will never come out and lost interest in it.

  2. Can't say I've played Red Dead Redemption, can't say I ever would. Rockstar has been on the decline in my books ever since their best game, GTA: Vice City(the original).
    And it wasn't until Neverwinter Nights that Bioware made it to my sights. Mass Effect 2 being a very good title, made even better with all the DLC content they've pushed out so far. So yeah, ME2, game of the year in my books.

  3. RDR is a good game, but seriously over hyped. It's a sandbox with nothing worthwhile to do one once you complete the main story unless you're an achievement junky. It's a game that has a system to be good or bad with no real difference in game play, you're getting chased and shot out by bandits or lawmen depending on where you go. Yet you can shoot just about every living person you come across and in the cut scenes still be talking like an honorable fellow… it's just falls a bit short of feeling like a real world.

    GameTrailers game of the year, Mass Effect 2, is a more worthy pick as if RDR took a few hints from it then it's gameplay would have felt more meaningful.

    Baring that Time Magazine picked Alan Wake for game of the year, a seriously overlooked game as it had a story most people didn't understand or were annoyed by the ambiguity.

  4. Red dead redemption should've never won an award in the first place, let alone the game of the year. The campaign was boring and the multiplayer wasn't even a challenge. The game could have been a lot better. It really didn't deserve that much praise at all unless u actually were a cowboy

  5. Mass Effect 2 definitely.
    Funny how no-one mentioned Starcraft 2, which, from what I heard, was this year's bestseller.

  6. I think there are more games coming that will slaughter NT3 Halo: Reach, Kirby's Epic Son, DK Country: Returns, LoZ: Skyward Sword, Pikmin 3, the costs that 3DS hell ..

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