Science Fail Followed by Science Win [Pic]

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  1. Haha, typical religious person's argument; I'm right because I saw it written some where that it's true, therefore I'll ignore all logic and/or factual evidence that says I'm wrong.

    • nah, religion is "im told that if i believe this it will be true and i will go to heaven, and as long as i think what im told to then it will be true regardless of any evidence either way…."

    • actually, most scientist are ignoring common logic all the time. They believe that everything there ever was was created from nothing when logically, if there ever was nothing at all, we still would have nothing today because nothing comes from nothing. Something cant come from nothing so there must have been something to never have a beginning. I know this sounds crazy, but when you take away the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, is true.

      • No they don't. No scientist ever said "something came out of nothing". That's just a false argument thrown around by creationists.

        Don't worry, you don't sound crazy, just shamelessly ignorant.

      • who said there even was a begining? To begin only exist as a psychological concept. You say these words "create" and "nothing" like they exist outside of your mind. Religion is pretty much what happens when stupid scared people get together in large groups and are all of a sudden able to articulate a thought. Which is normally along the lines of what this stupid bitch said. Are you wrong about the earth? ANSWER: Yes you are for a FACT wrong sorry to bust the whole broonze age bubble thing… :/

      • then who made your god? and don't tell me your god existed forever… because if you can imagine an all powerful, crazy complex, god lasting forever, than it should be even easier for you to imagine comparatively simple energy/forces being around forever.

        • My god was created by a large-scale attraction of subatomic partials to a particularly powerful gravitational force, thus amassing enough matter to reach critical mass and create a nuclear reaction so powerful it tears a rift in the gravitational flux leaving behind a black hole.

        • I'm pretty sure we created god in our image and then fooled our selves into believing that god created us in his image… Isn't God the interpreted for the miracle that accured when life 1st began on this earth? the most basic life form in this planet is photosynthesis or algae? you can create a algebraic formula on the periodic table of elements found in a 9th grade text book supporting this not so crazy theory.

        • It's actually more likely that the universe will go through 3 deaths: the light death, the heat death and the final death. The light death comes from when the last stars burn out. The heat death is when the last quasar and Nuetron star die, and the final death will come about from Black Holes, the last remaining objects in the universe, as they eat up/absorb/whatever-they-do-with-the-things-they-collect-because-no-one-knows all the remaining matter and energy left in the universe, and then each other – until there is one left. When all that's left of the universe is one single black hole, one of three things will happen: It evaporates, leaving us with nothing, it explodes, spilling it's contents back out into the universe (some have hypothesized that this what the Big Bang was – but there is no solid evidence to support that), or it just sits there for eternity.
          My money is on evaporate – since it could potentially spill it's contents back into the medium of the multiverse (the realm suggested by modern quantum mechanics, string theory and M-Theory, where all the universes are born, reside and die – again, no solid evidence to substantiate this claim), allowing for the creation of new universes from the material of our now dead universe. In theory, the universe is not infinte, but the multiverse is, and because information, matter and energy is always conserved, what makes up a universe is not lost even in death, so why can't it be used up in an 'ecosystem for universes', like the ecosystems we have here on Earth?

      • they best part is that all of you are wrong and right at the same time because of probability!
        Everything ever is possible, just maybe not very probable. Because of the infinite level of dimensions, there is actually one where god exists and one a bunch of others where he doesn’t. There is even one where nothing exists…crazy impossible right? actually no, just very very improbable.
        The best part of this is, that my argument cant be proven wrong and actually makes void the previous arguments along with all future ones that can be made since they are both right and wrong. Woooot the troll is full !!!

      • Using the term dimension is a bit of a misnomer, a better description would be universe. It is generally agreed that there are a finite number of dimensions, we can perceive four of them, our three physical dimensions and time (though the number that exist vary depending on what theory you consider). Multiverse theories do posit that there exist an infinite, and ever growing, number of universes existing in parallel to our own. Basically it's quantum mechanics on a large scale, anything that CAN happen DOES happen, though not necessarily in our universe. As for the existence of God, there would be an infinite number in which god exists, and an infinite number in which it does not. Wrap your head around that.

      • You’re right. If scientists just believed whatever the last scientist told them and didn’t question the world and our current views, we would never get closer to any sort of truth

      • There aren't infinite dimensions. There are (presumably) 10, in which the tenth exists where every infinite possibility of every one of the infinite number of individual universes occurs at the same time.. (presumably without the factor of time getting in the way)

      • There aren’t infinite dimensions. There are (presumably) 10, in which the tenth exists where every infinite possibility of every one of the infinite number of individual universes occurs at the same time.. (presumably without the factor of time getting in the way)

      • Technically, there are an infinite number where god exists, and an infinite number where God does not exist.
        However, it's not an infinite number of dimensions that exist, there are only 10 (that we've hypothesized, but we've probably found them all) in this universe/multiverse – but what you say is true, it's just a dimension though that contains all the infinite infinities that could be/are/were, and that dimension is the 10th one.

        To be more precise, if there is no physical law specifically forbidding it, then it is possible, and if it is possible, then in some timeline in this universe, it has happened. "Timeline" is the most accurate term for it – but still not 100% appropriate, we don't have the vocabulary at the moment to express what it is (whatever 'it' is) properly. We exist in one timeline, and every time you or anyone else makes a decision, or observes an event, or interacts with anything, that timeline splits. Looking back, we can only see the timeline we've traveled and some of the obvious points is could have split (and in fact, did), but not the subtle ones. This is technically, just the 6th dimension. The 7th dimension is when you collapse all these infinite timelines into a single point, and then compare it to another universe's set of infinities.
        The 8th and 9th dimensions are when you start to "move in 3 dimensions", comparing multiple infinite, instead of just 2. The 10th dimension is when you take all the infinities and all their internals (working back up the 7th dimension's 'all the infinite timelines collapsed into a point'), and collapse all them back into a single infinity. It is here, in the 10th dimension that the vibrating super strings proposed in string theory exist and their actions in the 10th dimension create the subatomic particles in every universe in the multiverse. This, by implication, means that there are still some limitations to what is possible and what is not. There are some laws of physics that are consistent throughout the multiverse – we just haven't identified which ones they are yet (probably relativity and 'speed of light' speed limit – though the speed of light may vary from universe to universe).
        I suggest everyone Googles "10 Dimensions Video" – it explains all this quite "nicely"

    • I would tell her, I didn't say you were wrong, just saying don't call something a fact when 1. it is not and 2. you did no research into the "fact" before you made an asinine comment.

  2. Haha, typical religious person’s argument; I’m right because I saw it written some where that it’s true, therefore I’ll ignore all logic and/or factual evidence that says I’m wrong.

  3. Rofl…I'm wrong, so please don't comment on my page in public. hehehehehe. Love it. If you don't want to be proven wrong…don't say anything in the first place.

  4. I can respect your love of your religion, but when you make asinine statements that other ignorant people take as fact, be prepared to be corrected. Publicly. This was not only hilarious but obviously necessary. I also like that the impromptu science lesson got 17 likes, and moron with the rebuttal had 2. I can guarantee one of them was hers.

  5. Note the time of her original status update: sunday 11:04am. No doubt a "fact" being perpetuated by her pastor during sunday service.

  6. What troubles me is that the person is actually more concerned with being wrong than they are with actually having the correct information. :/ It doesn't even seem to matter to them how wrong they are, but the second someone shows how wrong they are they just flare up in rage.

    That's egotism. Pure egotism. Refusing to believe one could ever be wrong, and outright ignoring facts to achieve an unfettered, perfect idea of oneself.

  7. I love that she gets all pissy at being proven wrong. Suck it up! Real science will always crush erroneous 'facts'.

    • I could virtually guarantee that every single commenter on this thread and most of GAS readers have had this happen. Now you must post the deets. Waiting with baited breath…

    • Saying something wrong isn't a bad thing. .. as long as you learn from it. If you get pissed and let everybody else who has commented (and the rest of the interwebs) know you're an ingnorant fuktard, then that's another thing.

  8. If OP believes that statement, he or she must be afraid of going up or down a floor. Perhaps upstair is hell and basement is heaven? Oh wait. Nevermind.

    • if GOD > all people and things and GOD makes up everything then god = infinity. and we are just its cable box..we could be the lemmings channel. so god created the idiot poster above, the false fact of the "10 foot rule", which in some other circumstance could be correct… the believed to be true safe distance of habitability of planets, and this message board.. :) and to *Junk* there is a pretty cool book out there called "ugly heaven beautiful hell". about what you are eluding too…

      • assuming god or a creator of some sort does exist at all.. to think that nothing created everything and that the multiverse or whatever else is out there is just random is kinda sad in a way…hopefully there is some sort of plan for everything..

  9. I didn't ask you to comment on my public status that I posted for everyone that I've allowed to look at it, so don't ever tell me I'm wrong when I attribute the awesome power of nature to some fictitious being.

  10. HAHAHAHAHA this is what religion does to one's mind. It makes you an idiot, and not just an idiot, but a willfully ignorant asshole.

  11. I think religion and weed both have the same problems when being criticized by society. Morons are always the ones who get the attention. God is awesome but apparently someone had to pull some ignorant figure about the distance from the son making all of us look like idiots. Just like some punk dumb-ass blaming all their screw-ups on weed instead of just being lazy.

    • sun.. not son.. pssh dumb religious people.. Maybe you should read the bible a few more times and learn how to spell. The two groups have the same problems because they are the same group.. They smoke weed then someone reads them the bible and they believe it because they were high.

      • Gmspeedy, I feel dumber for having heard you speak. I award you no points and may allah have mercy on your trolling soul

  12. "Okay, that's cool" ?

    "I'm happy for you, and I'ma letchoo finish, but Copernicus had one of the best heliocentric scientific observations in the face of preconceived beliefs of all time, of all time!"

    • You are about as moronic as the girl on facebook. If we assume the girl is correct (just for the sake of argument) climbing 10 feet would not cause one to burn up. Climbing 10 feet would not place you 10 feet outside of the Earth's atmosphere, just 10 feet above the ground. To burn up you would have to be 10 feet closer to the sun than the Earth is; to my knowledge, there is no tree that extends out of the atmosphere.

      • Which side of the planet? I certainly hope the trees in the daylight are more than 10 feet closer to the sun than the trees in darkness.

        (I'm assuming that you are joking, and I'm joining in)

      • During the daytime, anyone in an airplane is closer to the sun than the earth is. It seems you're including the atmosphere when you say "earth." So tell me, do you live IN the earth, or ON it?

      • Actually, you're perfectly wrong. 1) If the entire Earth (you and the atmosphere included) was moved twice as close to the sun, you would be hotter. Look at Venus and Mercury for example. 2) If such a tree existed, and you were to climb it out of the Earth's atmosphere, regardless of which direction the sun was, you would be considerably colder. One of the reasons the cabins on planes are pressurized it to keep us from freezing. And they don't even leave the atmosphere.

        • That's true but I think you're missing the fact that 10 feet is too small of a distance from the earth to have any measurable change. So yes, according the the person's post, climbing ten feet in up would make you burn up.

        • Mercury is quite hot due to it's proximity to the sun, but Venus is hot for an altogether different reason; runaway green house effect.

        • The pressurization isn't to keep us from freezing. That could be accomplished with heat. It's to keep all the delicious oxygen in the air that we are breathing in the cabin, in the cabin. Duh.

  13. Obviously the OP was wrong, but The person who "corrected" her, is not stating fact but theory. Depending on the theory you ascribe to, the habitable zone is as small as 0.725 and 1.24 AU, or as large as 0.95 to 3.0 AU.

    Had the girl been smarter, she would have used percentage…even though it is a lot of space (to us), we would be greatly affected on earth if we were 1-2% closer or further. Even if that 2% happens to be roughly 1,860,000 miles ave (though we still wouldn't instantly freeze or burn up). It's just as stupid to assume the guy's argument is sound as it is hers, if you don't actually know the numbers yourself. Habitable zone is best guess. It can change with any new theory.

    • The second point he made is theory yes however, points 1 and 3 are completely valid and alone are more than enough to disprove god-girls statement. The earth does have an eliptical orbit and earthquakes can alter it's orbit. So he forgot to add (approx.) after his measurements. in any case it is certainly larger than plus or minus 10ft

    • Jason states that we should have the [email protected] to stop listening to the people who say what they know will make you comfortable, yet he probably goes to church every week and gets butt-loved in the confession booth while the priest whispers into his tear soaked ears "It will be okay my son.. your asshole will stop bleeding in 5 days"

    • I love you guys….your intolerance is worse then any Bible thumper. Congrats at being so classy. And yah I'm religious. that also doesn't mean I not a geek, fully believe in and support the scientific method, and damn well know that the world wasn't created in 7 freaking days or that mankind didn't start off with a man and a woman. There is room for religion and science, as long as you are open minded about two things:
      We don't know nearly as much about this universe as we act like we do.
      And no book that assembled by man can be treated as an absolute fact.

      You accept those two things and keep an open mind and people can get along. But obviously you don't fall into that category do you?

  14. The arrogance and absolute stupidity in the combox is staggering. It's as if I stumbled upon the one place in the world where the handful of people who are smarter than everyone else that ever lived, and who miraculously exist all at the same time, meet and discuss how difficult it is to put up with the rest of us.

    Thomas Aquinas? Idiot. Augustine? Moron. Bonaventure? Stooge. Newman? Dunderhead.

    Just a friendly suggestion, rather than wasting your incredible brain power seeking validation in like-"minded" numbers for your feeble world view by ridiculing anyone or anything who challenges it, how about open a few books (you remember what those are, don't you?) and try to actually learn a little bit about the most important thing in your life whether or not you are smart enough or mature enough to recognize it?

    God Almighty revealed Himself to us and redeemed us. He raised great minds and great Saints who have left us with an inexhaustible treasure of Scripture, theological thought, and brave witness of lives dedicated to truth.

    And you just laugh at it and mock it, the revelation of God and the work of giants. Mockery without even knowing what you're talking about or even having lifted a finger to look for yourselves. Parroting the inane drivel you've been spoon fed for however many years you've been subject to crappy american education.

    Wake up. Look for yourselves. Have the [email protected] to stop listening to the people who say what they know will make you comfortable, and start looking with wide open eyes at some of the people who make you uncomfortable. Your life literally depends on it.

    Here's an experiment for you. Say the name Jesus out loud, right now. Make you squeamish even though you might be all by yourself? Then have the courage to ask yourself why and seek an answer without the snarky, adolescent mockery. Then pursue it. Your life will change in ways you can't imagine.

    Good luck.

    • Beautiful post, except for one tiny detail: the utter lack of a shred of evidence that your God's existence is even slightly more likely than that of an invisible pink unicorn.

      We would be fools to believe that the leaders you cited were buffoons. Far from it. church leaders were and are shrewd politicians and manipulators of fearful, soft-headed people.

    • Just because you can string together sentences in a paragraphical fashion doesn't mean anything you say is valid. You are doing to us "dunderheads" the very things you claim we are doing to your religious beliefs. The facts are there for everyone to see… if you choose not to believe whats in front of you be my guest. You won't get very far anywhere that requires a scrap of intelligence.

    • Your presumption that no one who has posted here is familiar with the mythos behind Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, or scripture in general is not only incorrect – it is downright insulting.

      I (and likely a statistically relevant portion of the posters here) was raised in the Christian tradition, and even attended a Christian school for nine years. I was "force-fed" your God just as you claim we were force-fed this mysterious anti-Christian education. I made my own decision to have faith in math, science, and what I can see and experience firsthand.

      Odd as it may seem, I find that far more comforting than believing there are grand rewards or consequences for what we do here. If everything we do in life is simply to please some bearded entity who watches us shower, then what's the point? I find it more comforting to believe that this is NOT simply "practice."

      Being a good person to try and score points with "the Big Guy" really is not selflessness at all. Everything you religious types do is in an effort to increase your chances of not burning in some mythological Hell (which, by the way, is actually cooler than your Heaven according to your own scripture- see I do what's right simply because it's right. When's the last time you donated blood or platelets, or helped out at a soup kitchen, or volunteered your time for anything, you pretentious jerk?

      Get off your fucking high-horse, stop trying to force-feed people what YOU believe, and spend some time doing something that's actually constructive. It's not your damned concern what other people believe and don't believe. It isn't mine either – until some douchebag berates a whole group of people to try and score a few points with their god.

      • I believe in science, math, and logic first. I believe in God second. It is possible to believe in both. I will admit that not all parts of the Bible are true since there are many contradictory statements, so quotes from the Bible should never be used in any argument. And God isn't necessarily a "bearded entity who watches us shower." Also, whether they are trying to score with the Big Guy or if they are just being selfless when they do volunteer work, people still get helped. So why do you care what someone's motivation is for helping people?

    • JesusJesusJesusJesusJesus….. didn't make me squeamish. All that happened was my cat looked at me funny and then licked his butt for awhile. Sorry. I was "born-again" long enough that I realized all those unimaginable changes you speak of were mostly just excuses for bad behavior and justifications for ignorance.

      As for this? "He raised great minds and great Saints who have left us with an inexhaustible treasure of Scripture, theological thought, and brave witness of lives dedicated to truth." Uh-huh, well, scripture was written by MEN and nowadays, when men (or women) go around spouting "theological thoughts" provided to them directly from God, we stick them into a locked hospital ward and shoot them up with the happy-drugs. Besides, that "brave witness of lives dedicated to truth" has been translated, hacked to bits and edited so many times, it's impossible to say what the original authors were even thinking.

      But getting back to the original point… if you don't want people posting comments that disagree with your status, you might want to get the hell off Facebook (and GAS, and… well, the internet as a whole). Because, really, expressing your thoughts, irrelevant or not, is sort of the whole purpose behind social networking. It seems like Facebook has started turning into Godbook lately, but that's alright, as long as you're willing to take a little constructive criticism from the non-Christians should your religiosity start getting out of hand.

  15. How would an earthquake knock the Earth outside the safe zone? If we take the Sun and Earth to be the system, then the forces generated by any earth quake will be an internal force, and hence, it would be impossible for that force to shift the centre of mass of the Sun-Earth system. Thus, the Sun and Earth will maintain their relative distance from each other. Unless of course, the earthquake shatters Earth and 1 half of it moves towards the sun while the other half moves away from the sun…

  16. Those measurements are only effective for the atmosphere we currently have. Although not ten feet, the distance is way less than 34 million miles. At any different distance, our atmosphere would have formed differently, and, therefore, wouldn't have the same properties as it currently does. The habitable zone is defined as the distance at which stellar conditions could support carbon-based life. Planetary habitability, on the other hand, is the planets ability to maintain carbon-based life. Moving the Earth even a little on its orbit would cause a change in its planetary habitability. Someday, people will learn to do research.

  17. Fact, I like to come up with all sorts of false claims that lead me to believe there's some magical god keeping us from harm and then act like a stupid bitch when I get shot down

  18. Fact, I like to come up with all sorts of false claims that lead me to believe there's some magical god keeping us from harm and then act like a stupid bitch when I get shot down

  19. To be honest, being religious is different to being stupid. She could easily have said "omg, the Earth's orbit is so robust. God made it that way so we can climb trees higher than 10ft". That's at least believable and verifiable: Well, the robustness bit, not the "God made it that way" bit.

    I'm atheist, but thought I'd point this out. I hate the "I'm atheist, so I'm better than you" argument.

  20. Well. I really didn't read everything because… too long with lots of unuseful facts.

    Just wanted to clarify some things, If you are interested:

    1,. if someone does "good deeds" to "score points with the bearded one" I think they are talking about Santa Claus because there is NO WAY that God would ever tell you that you are doing "good things". Its all the way around in fact, he thinks no human is actually "good"

    2.- He is not old. He doesn't respect time (he doesnt have to, he is God, you know?)

    3.- Who ever said God wants YOU to be kept from harm?

    4.- If you really want to argue, don't start from stupid christians arguments. READ THE BIBLE, then argue. You can use all the science you want, but as long as you can't understand what christians believe, you don't have the whole picture in your head in order to make your "God doesn't exist" claim true.

  21. Nobody asked him that stupid wrong "fact" either, so he gets mad 'cause someone caught him being an ignorant ass, I feel sorry for ignorant people. True, it may be his FB wall, but he wrote that so his contacts would read and supposedly "learn", if I were his contact, I would call him out on his bullshit as well, I don't care if he likes it or not, he didn't care if the people who educate themselves read that shit either, so, it's a 2 way street.

  22. Religion doesn't make people come closer to each other it makes them farther away. Also yea. stupid people don't like to be pestered with facts and truths.

  23. On the other hand, now everyone knows how stupid and inflexible this person is. Maybe they just "Darwin-ed" themselves out of the gene pool. Really, would YOU want to be married to such a narrow minded , stupid person?

  24. "Fact" the quality of being actual. A piece of information presented as having objective reality.

    The minute this idiot called it a fact they opened themselves up for a bitch slapping.

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