Xmas Light Extravaganza: Wizards in Winter [Video]

[GaS] reader Gary just wrote in to tell us about his colleagues’ amazing xmas light setup.

Just wanted to let you know about my colleagues xmas light extravaganza. He’s using multiple universes of DMX to control thousands of LED’s. This is all synched via timecode and as a bonus, anyone who drives past can hear the soundtrack on their FM radio.


This years display is BIGGER then ever!! With over 35,000 lights, 279 computer controlled zones, a radio station and over 700 hours of construction, installation and programing!! With shows running every 15 minutes, you dont have to wait long to see the magic of Christmas!

Thanks Gary!


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  1. why are they using multiple universes? one dmx universe can handle 512 instruments, so unless they are controlling each of those bulbs individually, it shouldn't take more than one, i would imagine…

    • micro controllers and easy to learn and use sequence coding software ( google has one)

      They light up whole slings at once, no way they have each bulb connected to a controller.

  2. so cool! Though I would hate to be living in the house. Could you imagine sleeping with that going on?
    Does anyone know what song that was?

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