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So, are you guys as pissed off as I am after Syfy cancelled both Caprica and Stargate Universe? The channel had 2 awesome shows on their hands, and they sent them to the gutter. It’s truly a sad, sad day for all of us sci-fi geeks.



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  1. "Look, the more we do shitty monster movies, 'alternative' versions of fairy tales done up in miniseries, and MORE WRESTLING and MORE REALITY TV, the better off we are!" ~Syfy Directorate

  2. This is fucking insane SGU while not as good as the previous two Stargates was a damn good show a lot better than most of the dribble they are pushing now. I am starting to think their name should be Syfy-LESS because the channel isn't nothing like it was just 5 years ago which is a damn shame.

  3. TV has changed so much recently, I can't keep up. I get that MTV doesn't play music video's anymore, Fox cancels shows as fast as they can push a button, re-runs no longer exist, 24 is gone because no one can actually do 24 episodes in a season, Hulu doesn't have full seasons of anything, Netflix consumes 20% of peak internet bandwidth with decade old movies, commercials are louder, TV shows are shorter, the BBC won't let us watch Doctor Who, and lastly that SyFy can't spell and has killed two great SciFi shows for in exchange for brain-dead wrestling. I'm giving up TV more and more and am resorting to buying TV shows after they are cancelled and over with. What I don't understand is why. Is it the economy? Is it piracy? Is it greed?

  4. SGU was JUST finally starting to get somewhere! If they had cancelled it after the first season I would have merely been disappointed at the failure of the show. Now I'm disappointed that it took them so long to start a good story, and then they slam the door shut in my face! SyFy has little to nothing left that is of interest to me.

  5. SGU was cancelled, and none of the actors were told when the news was released. A majority of them found out through Twitter. I asked the SyFy channel about this over Twitter. No surprise that they didn't answer.

    Also, how is a channel that is suppose to show Science Fiction screens claptrap like Ghost Hunters and Wrestling. I mean, seriously!

  6. SGU was building up well and becoming extremely compelling. It's shocking this was cancelled just as it was getting really good. I think it shows the sad state of our TV when a show isn't allowed to grow and if there isn't explosions and fights with aliens every episode the viewing figures drop.

  7. I thought Caprica was good, but not that good. At least Syfy has greenlit a 2-hour pilot "Blood and Chrome" which covers the first Cylon war.

    SGU was a gem. The first season was a bit brutal to sit through, but it has some of the best sci-fi writing I've seen in a while. I'm more upset about that loss.

    As for wrestling… there's a logical reason for that. It's the same reason why networks spends millions upon millions of dollars to pay the rights for pro football, and college football and basketball. So that the network can plug and advertise its other shows. Wrestling brings in a different kind of audience, and if some stick around to watch some of the other shows, then so be it. (Unfortunately, I think that's the reason we're getting these absurd monster movies).

    As for the unscripted shows…. They're cheap and they bring in lots of revenue. It's a pure business decision.

    I'm not going to give up on Syfy as long as there's still "Warehouse 13" and "Eureka" (and possibly a new Battlestar series.)

    • Agree with Eureka, a quality show, unfortunately I must agree with others as well. For marketing reasons or not I see no reason for a wrestling show on a science fiction station. Likewise the green light cast Ghost Hunters. I also add the increased number of military shows. The station doesn't even claim to be a science fiction station anymore, you will note its name change from Scifi to Syfy which I pronounce siffee.

  8. SGU sucked donkey spit. Glad that insult to the spirit of the Stargate universe is dead, sad it took more then half a season to do it.

  9. Why does this surprise anyone this is what SYFY does they cancel there good shows have you forgotten Farscape, SG-A, BSG to name just a few. And just watch Warehouse 13, Eureka and Sanctuary will most likely be next since they are getting too good for the network

  10. I heard about Caprica the other night but Stargate Universe? This is absurd! They really don't want to have a good show run in it's entirety. Yet they keep pumping money into cheesy D-list movies.


  11. Here's my rant… I have been a Science Fiction geek since I was about 8 years old (when Star Wars came out), and anything with "Star" in the title I have watched. When Sci-Fi Channel started up, I was thrilled. I got to watch old re-runs of classic shows, and new Sci-Fi and Fantasy shows alike. I have even got my 10 years old son hooked on the "Star-" movies and tv shows…..

    I actually wrote a letter to the exec's staff at Syfy and MGM/NBC explaining my concern for the rumors that the people in charge at the Syfy Channel, actually HATE science fiction, and the impact their choices were making.

    Face it, Geeks – be it computer, book, math, gamer, science, basement dwellers, or just the everyday geeks tend to have more disposable income than most average people – the Game/Sci-fi Conventions are a testimony to that!!! A vendor that can pay $3000 just to set up a 10×10 foot booth at one, and still make a nice profit says a lot to that audience.

    The cancelation of shows like Caprica, Stargate (sg1, atlantas, universe) and many others is annoying, and down right offensive when things like Wrestling are taking its place, but it is a suspect it is part of a bigger problem yet to come…

    Because Comcast/Syfy/Other have messed up way channels are structured, you have to pay for one of the higher packages to get the Syfy channel. With the recent cancelations on Syfy, there isnt enough content on there anymore for me to continue to subscribe for the upper channels with comcast. maybe at a later date if things of interest come back, and their programming changes drastically. The whole moving shows to new nights, and canceling shows based on archaic viewing tallying practices (not taking into account people recording and watching later, watching at someone elses house, watching on hulu or other web sources. I am usually busy when the shows air, but watch the vcr/dvr/internet site soon after.

    Because of this, I would expect many others to drop Syfy channel/upper package on comcast (from the comments I have seen lately) which hurts not only syfy, but the other stations like Discovery, History Channel, TNT and many others on their Viewer Ratings and revenue.

    Hopefully, we will see changes at Syfy that get it back to good programming that we all know as Sci-Fi.

  12. Ive been reading syfy blogs for a couple hours now and they all have one thing in common, everyone is unhappy with the choices syfy management has made, Ive yet to find the guy shouting how he loves WWE smackdown. So far with the exception of warehouse 13 every science fiction program worthy of being watched has been dumped. The owners of this channel should go on ahead and do the only logical move and change the name to something that has nothing in common with science fiction, because what their peddiling now is just false advertising.

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