Monday morning links serving: The December 20th edition

Hate Windows BSODs? How About a Red One?
Nobody likes to see a BSOD or Blue Screen of Death on Windows. The always entertaining and educational Mark Russinovich of Microsoft has found a kernel hack that can alleviate the problem, but only in the literal sense.

Five Best Virtual Machine Applications
Most modern computers are powerful enough to run entire operating systems within your main operating systems, which means virtual machines are more commonplace today than ever. Here’s a look at the five most popular virtual machine applications.

Is Blu-ray Finally Hitting Its Stride?
To the victor go the spoils, and after Blu-ray defeated the HD-DVD format in the high definition wars, the spoils have been slow to come. Instead, streaming media is the latest fad, while many still view Blu-ray as expensive and unnecessary. Could that perception be changing?

Automated Road Trains: More Than Cars, Less Than Robocars
Automated vehicles are coming. That’s for sure. But until a computer can really be trusted with the lives of everyone on the road, there will be some intermediate steps that may improve mileage and traffic.

Image-Translating iPhone App May Just Blow Your Mind
Translating technology has come a long way since Babblefish. A new iPhone App called Word Lens combines augmented reality, real-time translation and character-recognition software that will have you heading to that Mexican restaurant you always wanted to try but couldn’t read the menu.

Record Labels Blame Google For Piracy, Hint At Censorship
The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the UK’s main recording industry trade body, came out with guns blazing against Google a few days ago. BPI says that search engines like Google are as popular as P2P applications as a source for illegal downloads.


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