Deal of the Day: 67% Off Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones – $58.99

In case you didn’t get them last time, they’re back. For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, has the Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones for only $58.99, free shipping included (although if you want to get them in time for Christmas, you’ll have to pick “regular shipping” at check out.. That’s 67% off the headphones’ regular retail price of $175.95. I wouldn’t buy those at full price, but at $58.99, I think this is a pretty good deal. I’ve also checked some reviews online, and the majority of them are very good.

Overall the Turbines are a very solid package. They are nicely built, comfortable, and their sound surpassed my expectations. Plus they include a number of tips, a nice carrying case, and great packaging–not huge selling points, but all components that add to the total experience. The price is pretty reasonable for what you are getting (at full price) and I have found that I prefer them to the hf5 set from Etymotics. Their weight is a potential issue, but not enough to prevent someone from buying them. Monster hit their mark with the Turbines and listeners, both casual and discerning, will be satisfied with both their quality and value.

[Monster Turbine High-Performance In-Ear Speakers$179.95 $58.99]


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