In Case of Zombies 2.0 [Picture]

Sure, we’ve featured a “In case of zombies” box a few weeks back on [GaS], but this one by Redditor Nessabean is by far more complete and awesome than the other one.

[Via Reddit]


16 Responses to In Case of Zombies 2.0 [Picture]

  1. I can't wait until someone makes one of these with a record collection in. THAT would be an awesome thing to make people eitther go "Wait, what?" or "HAHAHAHA", depending if they 'got it'!

      • Honestly I'd attract zombies to my mortal enemies' homes with fireworks and then flee. Because, really, who would want to live in a zombie infested world with their mortal enemies?

  2. FACT: Most people on this planet ARE zombies — they're just too brain-dead to know it.
    * This important info is based in part on UN estimates that over 100 million people were murdered in the 20th century (primarily in wars and genocide of course).

  3. thats kind of sad I've read the book and it says that a crossbow is the preferable weapon (because it makes no sound).It also states that you should only use a firearm in extremely close calls