Product Review: Desk Pets – Skitterbot

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Remote control toys will always have a special place for me. Even though I’m an adult now, I still very much enjoy them, but I don’t know many guys that don’t so I’m sure I’m not alone. A company called Desk Pets has come out with a little RC bug called the Skitterbot and they’ve sent me a couple over to play with. Skitterbots come in many colors and are rechargeable through any USB port via the built-in sliding USB connector on the remote control.

Here’s the basic information from the Desk Pets site about the Skitterbot:

SKITTERBOT, by Desk Pets is the fastest legged robot commercially available that travels at an amazing one foot per second and is controlled by a unique patent pending 5 button USB remote controller/charger.

SKITTERBOT moves forward, backwards, turns left and turn right and stops. Four different colors and four different frequencies allow racing, battling and exploring.

A 30min recharge = 15min of play.

You can visit the Desk Pets site HERE for more info and even videos.

Their price is on average $25, but I’ve seen them online for more and for less. For what they are, I think they’re well worth the price.

Upon opening the package you won’t find much, just the Skitterbot itself, the remote, and the charger.

The remote is small and fits in the palm of your hand. It features a retractable USB connection so you can charge your Skitterbot from any computer making it resemble a USB memory stick. There’s a cable that comes out of the remote that plugs into the Skitterbot for charging which takes about 30 minutes and gives you about 15 minutes of play time. The remote has five buttons on it for stop, forward, backward, right and left. Yes, it’s only 15 minutes of time to play, and that’s kind of sad since they’re really a lot of fun to play with.

There’s also a LED on it that indicates charging: it glows green while in progress and then turns off when complete.

Like the remote, the actual Skitterbot fits right in the palm of your hand and it feels solidly made. The Skitterbot looks like a gem, or what one might think a nanobot would look like.

On the front is where the charging connection is, under the head. Flipping it over you’ll see six legs and on the back end is the on/off switch.

The Skitterbots do have eyes, little beady red eyes that glow when in use and slowly blink when they’re sitting around doing nothing.

Using the Skitterbot is fun, especially if you’ve got cats like I do. I just love chasing my cats around the house with them. They work very well on the carpet, but not on thick shag. They are also fast, very fast.

The remotes work great, but they are infrared so you must keep line of site with the Skitterbots to get them to go where you want. The range is really only limited by line of sight, and unfortunately, you can’t press two buttons at a time, so your Skitterbot won’t go diagonally.

Skitterbots are fun little toys; kids and adults will love them, I’m sure.

+Nicely made
+Works on most surfaces
+Can be charged from USB ports
+Easy and fun to use
+Relatively quick charge time
+Great for kids and pets

-Infrared so Skitterbot must always be in sight
-Short play time


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