Monday morning links serving: The December 13th edition

Apple quietly drops iOS jailbreak detection API
Apple apparently has thrown in the towel, quietly dropping in iOS 4.2 an API that was intended to discover if the OS had been compromised and jailbroken.

Chrome Appears To Have Hit 10,000 Extensions, Inching Closer To Firefox
Yesterday, Google put up a post on the Chromium Blog to celebrate a year of extensions being available for their Chrome web browser. The main part of the post touts some big numbers that the feature has accumulated in the past 12 months.

10 Best Google Chrome OS Extensions
The Google Chrome Web Store has arrived. Here are the 10 best free extensions that you should download for the Chrome browser and the new Chrome OS (if you can get it).

How to Find ANYTHING on the Internet
Tips, tricks and resources to help you find that digital needle in the huge cyber-haystack.

How Multitouch and Kinect Tech Makes Minority Report Interface a Reality
It didn’t take long for Kinect to get hacked. Over the past week and a half since Kinect’s release, we’ve seen some amazing things done with the technology, most of it through hacks. Users have been able to make the peripheral do things that Microsoft probably hadn’t intended to do with it.

Ditch the Skillet; Fire Up Your Oven to Cook Perfect Bacon
Microwaves often cook unevenly and skillets cook hot and fast. Skip the guesswork with your bacon prep and fire up your oven for perfectly cooked and amazingly delicious bacon.

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