The Ugly Side of PokeMon [pics]

Those of us who first embraced Pokemon, bought ridiculous amounts of Pokemon cards, bought the different color video game releases, and watched the first episodes gleefully may never have stopped to realize the awful cost of our entertainment. Here to remind us of the pain and suffering inflicted to these poor creatures is artist Justin White AKA Jublin, who brings us his vision of the aftermath of a Poke battle.

[The Ugly Side of PokeMon]


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  1. I had blue version, lol. my team consisted of blastoise(of course, best of the 1st 3), 2 dragonites, gyrados, mewtwo(obviously) (and i forgot the last one, i think it was farfetchd cause i taught it cut and fly, lol). remember the catholic church made a big deal about this once it became big?

  2. Bob: This is really starting to freak me out now. Just tell me the point of this game: why am I stuck in here?
    Matrix: I'm a Pantsu heavy trainer, you are a Pantsu heavy X. A mutant creature. I keep you in that tiny container and release you to fight for me.
    Bob: You keep creatures in cages and release them just to fight?
    Matrix: Yeah?
    Bob: That is SICK!

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