You shall never, ever quit WOW [Pic]

Well, that kind of sounds like a bartender trying to remind a recovering alcoholic of “the ol’ good times,” doesn’t it?


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  1. I've been clean for almost a year now, and before that it was 2 years.

    I did temporarily relapse but over 3 weeks of holidays from college, what do you expect me to do with no xbox, no downloaded tv/movies and the game discs just sitting there :/

    I've put them in a box in the loft now, so I can show them to my children and warn them about drugs :P

    • I believe that's called denial. ;]

      I'm addicted as hell, but between me and a few friends we make sure that college always comes before gaming… nothing like a whole guild of people yelling at you to finish your paper. ><

  2. I truly hate and can't stand games like this, any game with furry pink gayness going around in the forest and pretending it's all magical with spells and shit.. nah can't stand it. Pure waste of time.. all I see is somethign that requires a lot of time from me, for nothing useful in return.. nothing with those games would help me in my life. So I throw go pass them.. as said waste of resourses money, time …

  3. I quite World of Warcraft. Of course, I was never really addicted in the first place. I played for a little while, found it to be incredibly boring, and cancelled my subscription.

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