Sexy Morrigan (Dragon Age) Cosplaying Pics

We’ve showcased cosplayers often on [GaS], but I don’t think anyone even came close to the heel of this girl’s costume when it comes to looking like the real thing. Behold Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origin as cosplayed by Deviant Art user Stravalon.

Hit the jump for the other pictures.


11 Responses to Sexy Morrigan (Dragon Age) Cosplaying Pics

  1. Ur a sexy gal! I like burgundy, leather and fur. Who doesn't? My BF showed me ur link and told me about ppl that dress up and play this in life. nvr heard of it but whatever floats ur boat sounds fun! ps u have pretty green eyes!

  2. This girl did a great job ^-^
    However, I've seen another girl who actually cosplayed Morrigan MUCH better. She looked like she was taken straight from the game itself and brought to life. It was actually really weird how much she looked like Morrigan, and even sounded like Claudia Black! I thought I was dreaming lol

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