Holiday Gift Guide for the Geek Who Has Everything

In theory, shouldn’t geeks be easy to shop for? But when it comes to the latest gadget, not only can they get pricey, but what if you don’t know what someone already has, or needs? So here are a few quirky gift ideas that are probably not already on your favorite geek’s shelf.

If you know someone who, like a robot, is all wound up, maybe all they need to do is chill. Which they should clearly do with ice cubes in the shape of robots!

Unisex <3 Ring
Say “I <3 u” with a handmade, sterling silver ring. A nice romantic gift for your geeky significant other; they even have a wedding ring quality if you’re in the market for that sort of thing.

Cthulhu Pillow
When you’re feeling lonely there’s nothing like cuddling up with Cthulhu, right? Just be careful not to squeeze too hard or he might devour your soul.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter
Hey, presentation is everything! Cut your pizza with style. [insert “to boldly go” joke here]

MP3 Walkman
Are you sad about saying goodbye to the Sony Walkman? Well, never fear, you can at least keep the specter of it with you with this walkman-styled MP3 player.

Etch-a-Sketch iPad Case
And another entry in the “things that look like other things” category. If someone on your wish list has an iPad (or goodness, if you’re the awesome person to be gifting them with one), this makes a quirky accessory! Just remember not to shake too hard to erase.

Science Tarot
No need to choose between the natural and the supernatural – these tarot cards will tell your future with hard science. A great idea for both the science and the arcana geek.

Photoshop Layers Frame
Because after staring at Photoshop for long enough, you start to get really confused when pictures don’t look like this anymore. Easily fixed!

Ray Gun
And of course, the ultimate gift for the geek who has everything… a ray gun. ‘Nuff said.

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