This is What you Get: Custom Windows / Linux Box vs. Mac

Notice how I avoided writing “PC” in the headline so that all you trolls can’t remind me that a Mac is in fact a PC. Now let the flame war begin!


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  1. Wait so if Mac is a PC, why do the people that make them have adverts that start with two guys, one presenting himself as a Mac and the other as a PC? This can mean one of two things, they either don’t know it themselves or they consider their audience dumb enough to not know better.

    • or they consider themselves better than the average pc and gave themselves a new name…kinda like:
      Mortal = Linux
      Demi God = Microsoft
      God = Mac
      both linux and microsoft are still part human and "mundane" compared to the spiritual buddahness of the Mac…
      but im guessing your right and they didnt think it through

      • did steve jobs pay you to say that
        gnu linux is for people by people no money grabbin buttholes
        linux has the best hardware support out of all o/s's (how many driver programs are there for windows lol)
        also linux is what u make so ur not stuck lookin at the same borin layout of a desktop day in day out etc
        learn linux an learn real computing

  2. hmm but if you run OSX on a PC then what happens?

    I mean now a days a mac is just a very expensive pc with OSX running on it.

  3. Wait so if Mac is a PC, why do the people that make them have adverts that start with two guys, one presenting himself as a Mac and the other as a PC? This can mean one of two things, they either don't know it themselves or they consider their audience dumb enough to not know better.

  4. This Mac vs. PC thing is getting super tired.

    I've used both, owned both and they both have pros and cons.

    In terms of repair, if your PC breaks you fix it yourself for the cost of the part.

    If your Mac breaks they fix it for for the cost of the part.

  5. I know it's a joke, but the analogy isn't even clever. Firstly when a Lambo breaks down, like every other car it is repaired / the broken part is replaced. Same with Macs and PC's. If the hard drive dies in either you replace it. If you need more RAM you put more in, if the CD drive breaks, it gets replaced, and so on. Sure in a Mac you might not be able to upgrade the processor, but in how many PC's can you upgrade the processor without buying a new motherboard? Making it a new computer anyway.

    A more apt analogy would be the PC as some boring ugly car, where the owner has added spoilers, tacky wheels, neons, and sub woofers none of which match, and don't work that well together. The Mac would be any quality engineered car, where the owner doesn't need to add tacky ill matching parts to because it already does what you want it to do.

    • No, a more apt analogy for the Mac would be a shiny new car made of chrome which can't actually do what you want it to do, such as basic functions like driving, because the Apple "gods" have decided that functionality is not needed.

      Agreed on the "PC" (read: non-Mac PC) analogy, but please don't try to show your Mac love so obviously when your analogy is not even true. Also, upgrading a CPU, even including the motherboard and ram, is *significantly* cheaper than buying a whole new system.

  6. Enh, not entirely true. Ever owned a sports car? You know that litlte spark plug? It costs you a grand to remove the engine, then you have to replace the spark plug and reinsert the engine. Ever owned a high end windows pc? That water cooling system, when it breaks and leaks on your hardware? Yeah, that's what I thought…. (and for those about to bitch and cry, I am a proud windows pc owner).

    • Have you ever owned a muscle car? No engine removal required. You MIGHT have to jack it up a bit, but anyone who owns a muscle car and takes it to a repair place doesn't need to own a muscle car. And whoever is charging you $1000 to replace a spark plug is ripping you off hardcore. I have yet to IN MY ENTIRE LIFE see a full spark plug change (including new wires) cost more than $200. And that was a POS ford.

      ps I've always changed my own spark plugs. Even rebuilt a transmission once. I also build my own computers. And have never had a liquid cool system destroy it. Once had it break my video card, but that's it. So, you might want to get your facts straight there buddy.

  7. Isn't this whole Linux/PC/MAC thing a lot like the Father/Son/Holy Spirit? They're all the same thing and come from something before them.

  8. ;p True.

    But the real thing that infuriates me is that the Mac Crowd seems to consist entirely of people who think Macs are "simple". Then they constantly call their tech-savvy friends asking how to do basic things on their Mac. Tec friends who use anything but Mac.

    Granted there are some Mac-users who are genuinely savvy…these users usually also dual-boot their system though, so this is a moot point.

    Bottom Line – Macintosh desktops are not easier to use, nor is their hardware.

  9. This always reminds me of old joke "What's the hardest part about buying an iBook? Telling your family that you're gay." But like so many other people said there are arguments back and forth. But as for me, I like the ability to upgrade bits and pieces at a time and have always loved right clicking.

  10. lol I like that one :)

    I love the whole PC / Mac / Linux argument as it can show you some people's real colours. Oh and the flame wars are just funny!

    Personally think of an OS as an application and therefore pic the appropriate one for the job. Need something to join an AD based infrastructure well the Windows it is. Needs something for home that takes little support – Mac (or linux if you're techie / brave). Want something to run really fast lightweight web server? Linux is your man. Fancy building a top ten in the world super computer ….. check out the Mac option. ;)

    Now Mustang v Lambo …… that's a tough call.

  11. That's odd. Because when my hard drive ate shit on my Mac, I went to Microcenter and picked up the same one I'd put in a PC laptop. When I wanted to upgrade my memory, I used the RAM that my (Awesome) wife took out of her PC laptop when she upgraded hers. Now, I need to replace an inverter board for my MacBook's backlight, and I'm looking at $25 or so in parts.

    A mainboard failure would be costly on a Mac, and if you built your own PC, you could just go get a cheapo generic ATX board. That's about the only main part these days that's really proprietary in a Mac. Crack open a Dell, HP, Sony or other name-brand desktop and you'll quickly see that a generic ATX board has no place in them, either.

      • This HP I have under my desk at work needs some proprietary daughter-board for the expansion slots if nothing else. And it's a normal mini-tower design, not a small compact terminal or anything.

        • That's not a problem with proprietary hardware, just a proprietary case. If your mobo gives out on a manufactured computer, you are still going to have to buy a new video card and possibly sound card as those are onboard with those machines. So, the issue you're having is with the case, which you can pick up for like $10 at nearly any computer supply store.And I say that anyone who relies on a cheap proprietary machine isn't taking using a computer truly seriously (i.e. using it for work) or they'd have an extended warranty on it or have someone build one for them. You get what you pay for. And paying only $200-300 for a new computer AND a flat panel monitor, you can't expect it to last long.

  12. I see everyone in the comments saying "OH, well I replaced/upgraded my hard drive or ram and it didn't cost much on my mac" – those are generic pieces not specific to any one board. Try upgrading motherboard, soundcard or video card (chances are, if you have a mac, all of those will be on board, and suckish to begin with because it has to share ram as opposed to having a dedicated source on the card itself). Those are the big parts that go bad – and in a Windows environment, not costly. I could build a computer that will run for 10-15 years, with minimal wear and tear, that will run every game out there on good or great settings, for around $500. That same system as a mac (which I will need to replace at least once in 10-15 years) would cost me upwards of 2000-3500 MINIMUM. And if anything but the hard drive or ram goes bad, I have to pay for part & labor, and if it's out of warranty – good god, I might as well buy a brand new mac because it will probably only cost a few hundred less to go with fixing the one that broke.

    The facts are plain and simple: My pc breaks and I can go to any local computer store that day and have it fixed for probably less than $200, if not even less depending on how much the part costs.

    My mac breaks the same part and I'm looking at a 3-6 week turnaround that will cost me just a few hundred less than buying a new one.

  13. The right side fan in my MacBook Pro started failing. I bought a replacement fan from a Mac repair shop interstate (not an Apple store), had it delivered to my home, and I replaced it.

    All it cost me was the part plus postage, and an hours work (as first time I have taken a laptop apart so was being careful).

    If you know what you're doing, you don't have to replace the whole thing. I know Geek Are Sexy are making a joke about replacing the whole thing, but just pointing out that it's not really like that.

    Also, if you have WIndows installed, you change the hardware and you have to call MS to re-activate windows. Change hardware in a Mac, and it works.

    And, like others, I have used PC's and Macs, and both have their pros and cons.

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