Neill Blomkamp’s Mysterious Teaser from Wired magazine

This mysterious video by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp was apparently discovered in the latest iPad issue of Wired magazine (issue number 18.12). Could this be for an upcoming movie by Mr. Blomkamp?

Edit: /film has uncovered some additional information about the trailer:

Here is what I’ve discovered. 18.12 is the number of the issue of WiReD that this video appears in. I did some searching and found out that a Beverly Hills-based company named Sable Productions Ltd. filed for the trademark “AGM Heartland” on October 18th 2010. The trademark use is labeled as:

Entertainment services by way of an online website with video, audio and textual content and images featuring characters and storylines about a fictional genetic engineering company that produces genetically engineered and altered organisms

The fact that it mentions only online and not theatrical or television makes me think it’s not related to a film project… but you never know. My guess is it’s for some kind of online narrative. What do you think?

[Via Buzzfeed]

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