Tip of the Day: How to Quickly Open the Windows System Properties Window

Tired of always going back to the desktop or the start menu to open your system’s Windows system properties window? Here’s a quick way to do it: Hold the Windows key of your keyboard down, and then press the pause / break key. Voilà!

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  1. I'm always amazed that more users don't know the fast Windows keyboard shortcuts. The Flying Windows Key + E opens Windows Explorer, but no one in my office seems to know that.

  2. I love using the Win + pause/break key to do that, it makes people who don't know how you did it go huh! what! wha! (Or word to those effects)

  3. Dear sirs, you got me wrong. Let's get it right from the beginning.
    XKCD is overrated and this strip has no relevance to my previous post.
    All I wanted to state that this has hardly anything to do with geekiness, not to mention information technology itself. Additionally, this hotkey should appear on a list of other useful hotkeys, not alone in a blog entry.
    This is just like having a photo gallery and sharing one photo at a time.

    I'm not implying that "Linux is better (it is, but doesn't matter now) AND you all should use it". It's your choice which I'm incapable of changing.
    Once more, to sum my point: feel free to choose OS for yourself, but why load daily geeksaresexy.net's entries list with ONE Windows hotkey for EVERYONE – including those to whom this info is irrelevant?


  4. There are a few others:
    Win + D = minimize all programms (handy for opening desktop icons, because you can switch back to the last state by using it again)
    Win + M = minimize all except the alert boxes
    Win + L = lock computer
    Win + R = Open "Run" box
    Win + E = Open Explorer
    Win + U = things like onscreen keyboard

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