Doctor Who-Inspired Gift Wrap Rolls

Geeks are Sexy reader Peter wrote in today to let us know about one of his friends’ home made Doctor Who-inspired gift wrap rolls. At $22 for 6 feet, they’re a bit on the expensive side, but don’t forget folks, these are hand made products… plus, what geek wouldn’t love to receive his gifts wrapped in paper like this?

[Merrypranxter @ Etsy]


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  1. Erm, I smell copyright infringement. The Tardis and the Daleks are both copyrighted elements to the BBC and Terry Nation respectively.

    • Not necessarily – all that's on the paper are images of objects that may or may not be inspired by elements from the Doctor Who universe. It doesn't have to be a TARDIS or a Dalek, just a floating call box and a robot thingamajig. They're not labeled explicitly as Doctor Who elements.

  2. if she'd taken screenshots from the show & used them, maybe… but at least she does her own artwork. I don't see how this is any better or worse than any of the hundreds, maybe even thousands of Doctor art prints (, portraits & paintings (, tee shirts (, Christmas ornaments (, jewelry, stationary, buttons, stickers, etc that are all over etsy. If she gets in trouble for her paper then every single other person with similar stuff should get it too. Even more so for the other thousands of Doctor Who products on etsy where the "artists" blatantly rip off show art & photography to sell their wares.

  3. she did the art herself, it's not copy paste or screenshots. If stuff like this was illegal, anime and sci-fi conventions across the world would fail

  4. Thanks Bowker. Further reinforcing my theory that douchebags are everywhere.

    It's geeky wrapping paper, and you're busting the doors down like you're Dick Cheney.

    • Bowker's comment was perfectly neutral and was simply stating fact. It IS copyright infringement. I actually even took it as a little worried for the designer.

      So yeah, you're right. There's douches that read aggression into every comment and respond in kind on the internet, but that wasn't Bowker.

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