The Zombie Apocalypse Approaches: How do you protect yourself? [PIC]

So, what will YOU be using?

Lucky me, got a flat head screwdriver and a stormtrooper helmet << (Yeah, that's me at work a few weeks ago.) [Via]

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    • ::highfive:: have both of these but only the machete within reach, for just this reason (not zombies, but anything bursting through my door).

      If i can make it through the first three or so i can reach the sword in the closet for a bit more range if needed… and it's always needed.

  1. A laser printer and a bunch of paper sheets. Below them, a calculator. Maybe I can disctract the zombies with calculator-based pranks. Oh my…

  2. Oh man, you guys are all so boned. Fortunately I get an empty 20 oz Mountain Dew bottle and my cell phone. I can fashion the plastic of the bottle into a makeshift hyperbolic signal amplifying cone, and attach it to my cell phone's antenna to blast the zombies with concentrated radio waves that will neutralize the zombie virus. And when that fails miserably I can call my family and tell them I love them.

  3. A cup of hot tea and an old PC case. Im thinking both of which are going to get thrown at them in order to buy me some time to jump out the window (window is ground floor and sideways opens :-) I can literally step outside through it.

  4. A barcode reader and Microsoft Office CD in jewel case. This will empower me to scan and catalog the zombie hordes if perhaps they are barcoded test-subject zombie types, ultimately determining their source for those of us better-armed to deal with. In a pinch, I could use the barcode wand's long cord to entangle or strangle (not all threats in a zombie situation come from the zombies). Oh, and speaking from personal experience it also has good potential as a tripwire. There's a simple and obvious tactic one doesn't see often in zombie films…

  5. Sweet! a 5.5 ft tall welded scrap steel coat rack and several shelves of canned goods. Glad I'm reading this on my cell phone.

  6. Cell Phone and a 2×4 (with my name on it) I would grab my phone then roll across my bed grab the 2×4 wait till the zombies a little closer then wake him as hard as I could in the head then call and ask the U.N why the fuck a zombie just ran in my room

  7. To my right I got a pillow with my mobile, and to my left I got my mum… WIN! My mum is like a terrier when she's angry :oD

  8. Wow, I'm going to be so alone on this planet. To the left I have a fork, to the right I have a 9mm. NO, I'm not paranoid… at least not overly.

  9. Well eff… I got my iPod Touch and my bookbag. Thankfully it's full of stuff, so I guess I could use it as a blunt object sort of weapon, but close combat isn't my thing..

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