Social Networking Class of 2010

[Via Deviantart | Darkywarky]


7 Responses to Social Networking Class of 2010

  1. Hmm…I think it's fairly accurate. :3 Twitter is always blabbing about something but rarely has much to say, don't know much about tumblr unfortunately, deviantart is messy but excitable, livejournal is a little artsy but formal, Facebook is well-organized, myspace is very casual, YouTube is a fun-lover but a bit of a troll, and Blogger is a smart nerd.

  2. Well, the most accurate depictions would be twitter, facebook, youtube and blogger. Well, twitter is like the blabber girl who always talks about the latest rumors. Facebook is professional. YouTube is easy-go-lucky and fun. Yes, Blogger is like the smartest person in the class.

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