Epic Meal Time Girl Eats Massive Meat Log [Safe For Work]

The Epic Meal Time guys are back, and this time, they brought a girl to participate. And they didn’t exactly go easy on her: they had her gulp down a 5000+ calories meat log. Check it out:

Oh, and about that headline, I hope you guys didn’t confuse the content of this post for something else. We would NEVER post anything innapropriate on [GaS], although some would indeed consider this video as “innapropriate.”


6 Responses to Epic Meal Time Girl Eats Massive Meat Log [Safe For Work]

  1. "Not available in your country"… really?
    Now I can't watch an american girl stuff her face with food in Europe anymore?

    this may actually be a good thing… computing…

  2. My oh my, where did she put all that meat? That is a massive corndog that even me could not possibly consume it in one seating. I don’t mind the calories since I can shed that in a jiffy but to think that girl can consume it, it is amazing.

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