The Many Faces of Batman [Animated GIF]

  1. Lewis Wilson (Batman, 1943)
  2. Robert Lowery (Batman & Robin, 1949)
  3. Adam West (Batman, 1966-1968)
  4. Michael Keaton (Batman, Batman Returns, 1989 – 1992)
  5. Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Justice League, Batman Beyond & Batman video game series 1992 – Current)
  6. Val Kilmer (Batman Forever, 1995)
  7. George Clooney (Batman & Robin, 1998)
  8. Bruce Thomas (Batman Onstar Commercials, Birds Of Prey, 2000-2002)
  9. Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, 2005 – 2012)

So dear readers, who’s YOUR favorite Batman? Let us know in the comments section below!



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  1. For me, this is easy: Kevin Conroy is Batman. All others pale before his master of that gravelly voice. Of course, he's greatly helped by the fact that he's also in one of the best presentations of Batman ever. Only Nolan's Batman movies come close to the amazing Batman: The Animated Series.

  2. Kevin Conroy, no question about it. Meanwhile Christian Bale is amazing in the role as batman, there is still quite a bit to go until we reach the Conroy level. Also, meanwhile Nolan is great… Tim Burton is a bit sharper, he's actually perfect as a director for Batman with his generally dark mood and twisted angles.

  3. Kevin Conroy. Just by modulating his voice he cans witch between bruce Wayne, Batman, and Old Bruce Wayne (Batman Beyond). Also, have you heard him sing? (Justice League Unlimited episode "This Little Piggy" IIRC).

  4. Kevin Conroy. Just by modulating his voice he cans witch between bruce Wayne, Batman, and Old Bruce Wayne (Batman Beyond). Also, have you heard him sing? (Justice League Unlimited episode "This Little Piggy" IIRC).

  5. Kevin Conroy > Christian Bale > Michael Keaton > Adam West > All the Rest.

    Kevin Conroy will forever be Batman to me. Anybody can be Bruce Wayne, but Kevin's voice is the perfect Dark Knight.

    Christian Bale is amazing in the franchise reboot; the casting of those films is simply amazing. He's the best, I think, we'll get in live-action films. He and Michael Keaton both bring across the fact that Batman is just as crazy as the villains he fights, but Bale looks more the part.

  6. As the face of Batman, Bale. To this point for the movies, Keaton was a great Batman, Kilmer was a great Bruce Wayne, and Clooney was average in both roles. Bale actually excels in both.

    As Batman, though… Conroy. Hands down. The recent game wouldn't have been the same at all without him playing the Dark Knight. He is, by far, the voice of Batman, and nothing will likely ever change that.

  7. Kevin Conroy, no question. He's been the voice of Batman for me since it all started in Batman TAS. His work has been so powerful that when I hear his voice I actually feel safer … no matter if I'm just sitting watching Justice League or playing Arkham. The other guys with the faces might be more famous … but Conroy's voice gets me every time.

  8. Kevin Conroy is Batman, although Christian Bale is a decent second.

    Although I must admit, since you listed Conroy (who is voice only), I'm a little surprised you didn't list Olan Soule as Batman (notably from the early Superfriends series, before Adam West took over the part again). Not that I think Soule is better than Conroy, but he was better than Clooney.

  9. Kevin Conroy is the best of them all. Kilmer and Clooney just completely sucked. Keaton was fantastic, probably the best underdog performance. West, well what can I say, he hammed it up big time. Bruce Thomas (and what a meta naming there) wasn't on scroon enough to give a good impression. Haven't seen the Wilson or Lowery performances, and Bale is fantastic, but unfortunately his interpretation of The Voice would up making him sound blike he was gargling broken marbles.

  10. I'm just going to join the " I commented" club and say that Conroy is always the voice of think of when I think of Batman. I don't care what Bruce Wayne looks like, if you're going to play Batman you have to have your heart in it. Conroy and West are the only two who probably go to sleep believing that they are truly Batman.

  11. and have him fight like jet li maybe ha ha.. except maybe make it impossible for anybody to get a hit at him, just slam at his feet in 2 seconds with a faint yelp

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