Uwe Boll Directs First Fat Superhero Movie: Blubberella [Trailer]

I don’t get it… how can this guy keep producing all these crappy movies time after time after time? Is somebody actually paying to get those on the big screen? One thing is for sure though, if there’s a geek hell somewhere, Uwe Boll is gonna burn in it.

[Via io9]


10 Responses to Uwe Boll Directs First Fat Superhero Movie: Blubberella [Trailer]

  1. Yeah, after watching this trailer i have to agree with you. This is gonna be a big waste of time and money…

  2. Are they even acting? Did people just wander onto the set and Uwe Boll thought it would splendid to just film it all? I guess Uwe Boll thinks annoying stereotypes of fat people are funny. He must have just one day watched an episode of Kirsty Alley's fat actress and thought HEY! Lets set this in world war 2! The music in the trailer makes me think of the bulk and skull music, with heavy use of tuba. I think we truly have a movie worse than Disaster Movie on our hands.

  3. It IS funny! I was laughing through the whole trailer! It's not just another boring typical modern comedy. It looks like the old school slapstick comedies, yet it has a vampire which is all the rage now days. I'LL DEFINITELY GO WATCH IT WHEN IT COMES OUT!

  4. Just to answer the question, there is a German tax shelter that allows (poor) film investments to be a write-off. It used to be you would get all of your losses back, now it's something more like half – largely because of Uwe Boll.

    • Chris is right, Boll made a business out of bad films. It was (and maybe still is) a good way to get a huge tax reduction for a company.

    • The Germans have closed that tax loophole specifically because of Boll.

      I have mixed feelings about this. Lindsay Hollister is actually a good actress, and I'm glad she's getting work. OTOH its in an Uwe Boll film. Its kind of a career Kobeyashi Maru.

  5. "One thing is for sure though, if there’s a geek hell somewhere, Uwe Boll is gonna burn in it."

    To be fair, Uwe Boll is the original definition of a geek:

    Loves computer games? Check.
    Makes projects based on love, despite the project having no real artistic credibility in anyone else's eyes? Check.
    Not liked by his peers? Check.

  6. Theres a sad sad truth: We Germans are to blame for those Boll Movies

    The "Deutsche Filmförderung" seems very happy to stick money into Bolls incompetent butt, even if he would present them with a movie concept written in his own feces…