OMG: AWESOME New Tron Legacy Trailer

…and awesome only begins to cover it. Seriously. Check it out:

[Via Gizmodo]


11 Responses to OMG: AWESOME New Tron Legacy Trailer

  1. I know I am going to loose 100 Geek cred points for saying this, but I guess it's time to see the original TRON… :^).

    This one looks way cool!

    • I just saw it too, and it's amazing. So don't worry, you're not the only geek who never saw it (until recently).

  2. goodness

    as a kid I looked at the video cover of Tron and thought it looked lame.

    never watched it.

    I just watched the trailer for Tron 2: Legacy of Morons.

    I want my 2:31 back