Ender’s Game Fan-Made Movie Trailer

Youtube user stevendavishoops613 used audio and video clips from Star Trek, Star Wars episodes I and II, Starship Troopers, Serenity, Soldier, Tron: Legacy, and a bunch of other movies, to create this cool trailer for a fictional Ender’s Game movie. Check it out:

[Via Topless Robot]


7 Responses to Ender’s Game Fan-Made Movie Trailer

  1. This is a movie I would go see. Why doesn't Hollywood take some of these great books, and turn them into movies, rather than just churning out remakes and sequels ad nausem?

    • Hmm. it won the Nebula and Hugo Awards for best novel, was nominated for a Locus Award In 1999, it placed #59 on the reader's list of Modern Library 100 Best Novels. Its been translated into 28 different languages.

      I think the thinking is more than wishful.

  2. I love enders game, and for a moment there was actual heart stopping panic. Then I saw the fictional movie part and relaxed. Something that epic should not be turned into a film. Especially not a hollywood blockbuster travesty. Hell, they'd probably even try and squeeze in a romance line with Petra Arkanian.

  3. Just recently read the book and loved it but alas in Hollywood's hands the film would likely have little to do with the source material. I'd watch the movie that this trailer depicts though.

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