Kill Bill Cake [PIC]

Barbarann Garrad from Cake Rhapsody created this awesome Kill Bill-themed cake for her daughter’s 9th birthday. Check it out:

The bottom represents “the bride”… the scene in which Beatrice is gunned down in the opening scene. There is white bridal lace with blood and realistic chocolate bullets. The next tier is a Japanese pagoda. This represents the scene toward the end in which Beatrice fights the “crazy 88’s” and O-Ren Ishii. It has the traditional rooftiles and curves and bamboo of a pagoda, all edible. The top is yellow with a black stripe to represent the suit Beatrice wears when she is fighting O-Ren Ishii. It also features an edible piece of notebook paper made of fondant with Beatirice’s “death List five” , and katana.

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  1. I was kind of going for this until I read the part about it being for a NINE year old's birthday, please tell me that's a typo, and you meant NINETEEN! What kind of messed up people are enjoying family movie night with an eight-year-old watching Kill Bill?

  2. IMO, age is relative, and has very little to do with maturity level. I have a strong feeling that by 8/9, my daughter will probably be ready to watch Tarantino movies, just judging by her level of storytelling comprehension at 5. Do I know this for sure? No way, but I'm definitely never going to close my mind to it.

  3. She is NOT 7 .. she is 9.. and she rocks.. and so does my cake… my kids are just edgy , i guess… so neener neener !

      • I wrote she is 9 not 7 because on a few blogs people are not actually reading anything about the cake, just looking at photos and somehow coming up her being a 7 yr old…

        As I stated on my Flickr page to this very same question..

        " 9 ? really?"…, not every 9 yr old is at the same maturity level…. I do NOT Let my 7 or 5 yr old watch these films.. because they, as individuals, are NOT at the maturity level to appropriately grasp, ,process,comprehend, and appreciate a Tarantino film…I know other 9 yr old children in which this movie WOULD be inappropropriate.. my older two kids, age 9 and 10, have an appreciation, and understanding and emotional maturity to appropriately view these films.. they watch OTHER films as well that many kids in the 9 or 10 yr old age range would have no interest in, like documentaries, indie films, drama, classic sci-fi.. my children DO NOT curse or act violently, they are empathetic,worldly, well rounded individuals, get perfect grades in school, and they are doing just fine = )

    • Just for the record, I wasn't on C. Anita Nuñez's side when I posted my comment clarifying the '9' wasn't a typo – it was literally just a clarification.

      I can't remember when I personally came to know of such information, but I remember huddling around a TV at a band camp at 11ish to watch American Pie (ironically/co-incidentally enough) and thinking it was a big deal to watch a rated (UK) 15 film. And strangely enough, I was hardly sheltered. But meh, whatever works for each individual, like you say.

  4. What about the other kids in the party? Are they all emotionally mature?
    I remember being shocked at my friend's 8th (or so) birthday party when his parents played Rambo I on a VHS to a bunch of unaware kids. I was 8 as well.

    • I didn't see anything about them watching the movie at the party. From what I can tell, it was simply the theme. I've seen younger children (including my own) at elaborate haunted houses that were much creepier than this.

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